February 2, 2014

UFO Fleet Over Observatory In Okinawa, Japan, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 23, 2014 at 9pm
Location of sighting: Naha, Okinawa, Japan

News States (translated from Japanese): 
At around 9 pm on the 23rd , orange light of about 10 UFOs had been floating around in Naha sky. Sightings of multiple UFOs were read about in our local newspaper. Experts said, " the object is not considered to be an astronomical phenomena." According to the witness, a ball of light appeared in the sky near Naha Port of Naha Tondo town, repeatedly moving up and down left and right,  about 15 minutes later, it was gone.

That the light was visible from the ground when the blaze down " meteorite ( in-laws ) enters the atmosphere was confirmed by the video , in which case , Miyaji Takeshi director of Ishigaki Island Observatory. This time to fly with great speed the story was added, " I think the light 's stay in about the same place for a long time and was unlike any astronomical phenomenon.

Aragaki objective , who witnessed from Urasoe Nishihara ( 45) is,  Said, " the light of about 10 is moved , it was gathered or disappear " and was witnessed from Naha Shikina Takeo Shintaro -kun ( 12) .

According to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, there is no witness information and reports on the mystery light. " Self-Defense Forces machine do not fly in that time " and I finished all the training before 19:20the same day . ( I have some image processing )