August 22, 2014

Wolf Picture Found On Mars, Aug 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2014
Location of discovery: Deuteronilus Colles, Mars
Method Used: Google Mars

Wow, so young and already finding cool things on Mars! I am impressed. I couldn't outline it, so I colored it in. Hope thats okay. Keep up the great work! There also is a face behind its tail. SCW

Email Report:
Hi, I am in the fourth grade. I tried Google Mars and found this wolf. Can you outline it for me please?


yic17 said...

Hi Scott. I think he meant this:

Anonymous said...

It's pretty similar to this picture (from a book of Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Scott Waring said...

Hey, yeah it is similar. Interesting book, and its subject about about traveling though space and time.

Jim Leahy said...

this is not a comment for this picture hair I was just getting some satellite photographs I can you guys don't talk much about area 51 and the new pyramid out there I'm just saying

Scott Waring said...

Area S4 inside Area 51 does has a new underground base area. It looks like a pyramid, but nothing yet has been discovered about it. I'm sure we will hear something in the coming years. Google has changed those satellite photos so there may be some TR3Bs or something near there.

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest discovery I have ever seen. Very sweet of you to put it up. Even children are smarter than the UFO skeptics. Keep up the good work.

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