September 10, 2015

UFO Speeds Up When Seen Over Australia On Sept 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 2015
Location of sighting: Sunshine Coast, Australia

There is no way that this object is a meteor. Since when do meteors zig-zag, go left and right, up and down? I'm not sure what game that news station is playing, but I am sure there is a cover up going on. This news site is trying to downplay the truth, so the public will stay in the dark. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A Sunshine Coast man has been left scratching his head after he spotted what he believes could be a UFO. Joshua Ross noticed the yellow glow in the sky, and recorded it on his mobile phone. “It was just going side to side up and down, round and round, it would go up one direction and then shoot back the other direction. And then it just disappeared under a tree and that was it,” he said.Astronomers say it was most likely a meteor, about the size of a fist. The hovering effect was due to the cloud cover. This isn't the first time something in the sky has had people guessing. The modern fascination with UFOs can be attributed to the infamous 'Roswell crash' and extra-terrestrial enthusiasts recently seized on new proof that we are not alone.


JUZ STAINA. said...

Channels 7, 9, 10 are our main "fake" news sources, news for the sheeple., I watched the 16 second video, it never goes up down left or right? It just repeats the drop 3 times, went to source, they're excuse about cloud cover making it looks like it hovers is a laugh! You can see at start it looks like it shoots towards camera before beginning drop, so gives an effect as if it's sitting in one spot a bit longer. Australian news sources are a bigger joke than Americas and they're pretty bad.

JUZ STAINA. said...

I notice you removed your post of the Australian that spotted the ufo at the space station and the WHOLE EARTH WAS A SNOWBALL. It was proof about the chemicals, you only posted it yesterday, WHY DID YOU REMOVE IT?

JUZ STAINA. said...

It was the top picture with a black background that was the other aussie post with snowball earth. Even your second pic here its so obvious there's NO black background. In this video AT all, what's really going on there Scott? My name is billy crunt, not silly c#nt. Something isn't right with this post pic as the original snowball earth post is gone! WTF?

Scott Waring said...

The photo at the top I altered making it more clear. I used auto adjust, and thats how it came out, more clear than ever. It is white.

Scott Waring said...

That guy was really rude and left me three messages to take it down or he will sue my ass. So...hes gone. :) He was not a nice person at all.

JUZ STAINA. said...

Fair enough, it's a bit weird someone goes to all that trouble to make an informed video so people can watch and then do that? Strange. I figured him, you and I got it spot on and you were "leaned on" to remove it... Did u agree with what I said on it? My physics friend reckons it hit the nail right on the head... Well at least I showed you have at least one Australian friend. I'm still here. Thanx for accepting friend request too, I put that Apollo spider pic and a very strange face on boulder in a spiralled rock line,, and the Chinese moon building,, and more is in our private messages.

JUZ STAINA. said...

All good, cheers for previous info

seko said...

this is so ridiculous !!
The people already know the truth but medias and governments still come forward with their "swamp gas" bullshit!!!!
And we don't know since yesterday and they know it!but still do this bla bla ridiculous

Anonymous said...

white light ''orb'' ,up close those have a crystal snow like texture,but actually it is like a ''concentrated white light'' but looks just like ''snow'' but not solid looking .a paradox you must see up close to ''get it''. those are not spaceships really, might be the entity itself. after all they can ''fake planes'' just like at French open tennis match. those are ''phoenix lights'' ''ufo'' holograms. but they also ''fake'' ufo's so you will think it's obvious somekind of ''outer space'' craft . they know you know about spacecraft so they ''project'' something '' advanced'' looking.a ufo, in other words. they may have no ''ships'' at all but who can say for sure? we have to wait for more close up personal sightings. ''snow'' is concentrated ''white light''. they can also project real looking ''clouds'' that fly 1000 feet per second something not on any video available. seen that myself in 2012. fake clouds appeared out of nowhere flying perfectly straight,2 medium size ''clouds'' flying side by side .they appeared and about 3seconds later they vanished.

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