April 15, 2016

Second Fish Found On Mars In One Month, April 15, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 15, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, sol 1311
Source photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/proj/msl/redops/ods/surface/sol/01311/opgs/edr/ncam/NRB_513880614EDR_F0540388NCAM00271M_.JPG

This is the second fish I found in a month. To see the first one, click here. More proof that an ocean or lakes covered the Mars surface, but NASA already said that earlier this year. This fossil is mostly intact, and the head and tail are easy to make out. Also the upper and lower fins are very spiky in appearance. Cool looking fossil fish for sure. Remember that a fossil is an animal or plant that has turned to rock. The actual animal is no longer there. All DNA has been replaced by minerals around it. 

Another thing to consider is that this is that this fossil is just a few meters from the Mars Curiosity Rover. NASA had to have seen it, but why didn't they want to tell the public about it? This photo is was just uploaded to the NASA site today. NASA...why are you ignoring evidence of life on Mars?

Scott C. Waring


Sandra Elena Andrade said...

SCOTT very good find.
Here I pass one of the most important discovery Marcelo Irazusta performed and just post it on my channel. You have my AUTORIZCION to publish it on your website.

New and shocking discoveries on Mars. Demonstrate the existence of bases
The Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta, today presents one of the most striking discoveries of recent times on Mars. NASA images published on Google Mars are more than eloquent. Clearly you can see a series of tubular bases in different parts of the red planet.
The coordinates for all to see are:
 48 ° 14'19.96 "S 14 ° 53'14.15" W
61 ° 15'42.62 "N 168 ° 57'47.28" W
The bases are spread across tens of kilometers. Will present these buildings? or are remnants of an ancient Martian civilization? The truth is that they are constructions made by intelligent minds and no natural geological formations.
Marcelo Irazusta, no doubt, we are displaying and demonstrating that on Mars there is or there was a true civilization.

Luis Jackson said...

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It was barzini alll along. said...

Excellent find. While I am dubious of some of the rock faces, this is pretty clear. If there a fish like this there were smaller and larger fish as well. And plant life. Day of reckoning is clos3.

Anonymous said...

Boom boom didum didum wadun Choo and they swam and they swam right back to the dam!

Gregory Ellison said...

Why not tell the public? Because that would be admitting there is/has been some form of actual life on another planet. We just cant have that now can we?

jim patterson said...

Nice pic. I don't know how to post a pic but I think I found a cast fossil of a shell in a spirit rover pic. Spirit rover, Sol 2177, color pancam L257 the fossil is in the bottom left and looks like the inside of part of a konk shell.

Mirces Scarlat said...
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Saifali Maknojiya said...
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Sylvie St.pierre said...

Doesn't look like a fish to me, looks like it has a face. But if experts say fish, I'm just happy to find life formation of any kind!

JUZ STAINA. said...

Can't wait till you find a whale or a mastodon! 4 nights in a row I've dreamt I was at the spoon on mars sight doing something? Very strange as I don't usually repeat dreams or not know what I'm doing in them??? Plus I haven't seen or thought about that place for months and I've seen a million other sites since. It's like I haven't finished doing something there so it's doing a groundhog day to me??? Ok I better pull that straightjacket out of the cupboard now. Hahaha but seriously WTF

JUZ STAINA. said...

Where's the video???? Say's it's unavailable? :(

Scott Waring said...

That would be cool. I feel a bit of excitement from finding something, but I know, no matter how well detailed, no matter how close up the photo is...the world will reject what I find. Its their anger at me that makes me hone my skills, makes me grow, this site grow.

Anyone can do what I do...but only if you believe you can. If you fall in the water, you can't swim if you don't believe you can. Belief is the key.

Stay cool Juz

jim patterson said...

The pic I mentioned has an earth like cast fossil in it. Its a good size and shape in the bottom left. Someone tell me how to post or post this fossil for me please. Thank you. See previous comment.

X-15 said...

Its to threatening to their established & in most cases programmed paradigms of what they those doubters of your work would or could bravely accept as a possible true reality.

Keith said...

Looks like some kind of scorpion to me

Sandra Elena Andrade said...

Hi Scott. Very good find. Recently investigated the Argentine Marcelo Irazusta seems to have found a kind of monument to fish on the surface of Mars. I have posted on my channel. If you are interested have our permission to post it on your website.

The coordinates for all to see are
25 ° 33'4.18 "N 35 ° 21'48.19" W

thank you very much

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