December 25, 2016

Weird Dali painting shaped "construction" on the Martian surface. Dec 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 25, 2016
Location of sighting: Mars
Source photo:

This very intriguing anomaly was found by Mars Moon Space TV of Youtube. This object looks like it fell out of a Salvador Dali Painting in Paris. Its obviously a created object, but what was the structure used as seems uncertain. Very unique find. 
Scott C. Waring



  1. And just notice the DELIBERATE fade out out of the lower valley section area whom i sususpect would have shown structures in detail thats all inter wooven & connectected up to the top ridge section as if viewing a HR Geiger painting that i see clearly now, as if a bio mechanical connection to every thing around there it seems have existed & thats primarily the ancient martian Human Animal Hybrib or one of there sections/communities/cities of ancient mars, theyve even visually obfuscated the top ridge fiq's that sourrounds the city even...

    When we see the deliberate air brushing obfuscations, fading etc that they often do then theres no doubt something's there to ponder & TINK & TINK & TINK about my friends.😒

    1. check out these raw images from Rover on Mars. Look at the first photo at top left in the sky.
      You can see two objects in the sky.

    2. Well i just checked those NASA pans so "whats up in the sky" to the left then, & btw what ever happened to that researcher everyone, because i havent heard any of his post on this sight for a good while now...

      Its very upsetting to constantly recieve what we may call now from NASA "Fake Picture Reporting" every time they present recreated & smudged up images to the gen global pub regarding the mars outback regions, & also do you realize that NASA should have enough billions to invest if not already a small percentage of that U.S. taxpayers loot to have there visual tech engineer's either create OR purchase some of the best vid/pic equipment money can buy to where even a distant zoom in vid/pic shot thats captured up close & hi res personal could be readily accomplished, & yes theres things on mars imo & thats why they keep obfuscating pics all the friggin time UC.

  2. Btw crewmates, when ve take time & tink & go way way back in earth time millions of yrs ago to the Flintstone era of earth time, youll notice those Bio Mechanical everyday contraptions that they all used too. 😏

  3. Again with the mars shots.again just rocks

  4. I see two alien ships in the air. One is U shaped and the other long and perpendicular. They can be seen from multiple angles in several pictures from the rover. I don't think it's a smudge from the lens. If you zoom in, you can see great detail of the U shaped craft. I think it's something worth looking into further.

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