January 28, 2017

Sorry, was at Dharma Drum Mountain, Taiwan today. Took some time.

Hey guys, sorry for posting late, only got one post today. I was at Dharma Drum Mountain seeking enlightenment. Its the same place that astronaut Edgar Mitchell visited a few years ago. Its a sacred place in Taiwan is very beautiful inside and out. And honestly, I have been trying to strengthen this area in me since I found it more of a weakness of mine than a strength. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Heres a photo below from that meeting of Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the priests at the mountain temple. He was not just seeking enlightenment, but I believe he was chosen to be an astronaut because of his telepathic abilities.  He was very powerful in that area they say. 


Jakob said...

That's actually quite interesting Scott, that you mentioned his assignment to be an astronaut because of his telepathic abilities. I've asked myself a similar question: why did they ask Buzz Aldrin to visit Antarctica? I mean, he was on the moon, right? The only answer I came up with, is that there is something that both the moon, and Antarctica have in common; why else would they ask Aldrin to go there. We all felt that they weren't disclosing everything about the moon, but now we have an absolute proof. Whatever there is on the moon, the same thing/things also exist in Antarctica, there's no other reason to take Aldrin there, other than his knowledge of the same kind of thing on the moon.

Scott Waring said...

Yeah, NASA hid a lot of things from the public. I will make a post about Mitchell in the coming weeks. I have proof of what I say about him. 2 years after his mission, he also founded the school of special abilities fostering them to grow...the school was the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Cool eh?

srinivasulu vallamreddy said...

NASA maintaining silence, theory of hollow earth, alien base station under Antarctica, alien UFO making journey through volcano openings...all are interesting but confusing. When will the humans get authentic information about aliens? Scot..please respond.

Scott Waring said...

There is always going to be a small group of the population that will never be ready. So the real question is, how many people can we as UFO researchers prepare, before full disclosure happens? We can ease the pain, lessen the alarm, but people are very chaotic. When AI comes, when robots help in our homes, that may be the perfect time for disclosure...less will fear it then.

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