March 3, 2018

Greek Like Figure Seen On Moons Surface Near Alien Structures, March 2018, UFO Sighting News, TWO OF THREE.

Date of discovery: March 2018
Location of discovery: Tycho crater, Earths Moon

 Here is part two of three total posts. Above is an ancient figure, similar to the old Greek and Roman figures seen on walls an ancient vases. Below are a lot of broken and old structures. Yes, aliens do have a fixation on the faces of their own species and those they hold high in their culture. As a sign to other alien species that they exist, and have great leaders. 
Scott C. Waring

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  1. The second image from the bottom has a lot more in it. I see what you have pointed out l, to me I see a Gray holding a mans head with a someone sitting to his left and a big face to his right. Above that I see an eagle statue. In the bottom left i see an anunnaki smiling and he wears a flouting crown.