UFO Quotes

Bernard Haisch, astrophysicist, UFOSkeptic.org

"I recommend that genuine wariness is called for now: neither the guileless acknowledgment of genuine conviction nor the shut disapproved of dismissal of the scoffer taking on the appearance of the cynic. One ought to be suspicious of both the devotees and the scoffers. The negative cases of pseudo-doubters who offer simple clarifications must themselves be liable to feedback. On the off chance that an equipped witness reports having seen something many degrees of circular segment in size (as happens) and the scoffer - who obviously was not there - offers Venus or a high elevation climate expand as a clarification, the necessity of unprecedented confirmation for an exceptional claim falls on the proffered negative claim too. That sort of approach is additionally pseudo-science. In addition simply being a researcher presents neither vital skill nor adequate information. (I wish it sighed.) Any researcher who has not perused a couple of genuine books and articles showing real UFO confirmation ought to out of scholarly genuineness forgo making logical professions. To take a gander at the confirmation and leave unconvinced is a certain something. To not take a gander at the proof and be persuaded against it in any case is another. That is not science."

Bernard Haisch, physicist, "Be Skeptical of the Skeptics"

"Sliced through the mocking and scan for authentic data in the majority of the wary critique and one is normally left with nothing. This is not astounding. All things considered, by what method would one be able to sanely protest a call for logical examination of proof? Be distrustful of the "cynics.""

Bernard Haisch, "UFOs and Mainstream Science"

"A 1977 survey of American stargazers, distributed in JSE, demonstrated the accompanying. Out of 2611 polls 1356 were returned. In light of whether the UFO issue merited further review the answers were: 23% surely, 30% most likely, 27% percent conceivably, 17% presumably not, 3% positively not. Strikingly, there was a positive connection between's the measure of perusing done regarding the matter and the supposition that further review was all together… "

"Most researchers never take a gander at UFO confirm, which prompts to their decision that there is no proof… "

"It appears from my exceptional vantage point as both researcher and editorial manager of JSE that generous proof exists of "something going on"."

Dr. Steven Greer, "Establishments of Interplanetary Unity"

"The confirmation that no less than one extraterrestrial human advancement has gone by Earth is broad both in degree and detail. In its totality it involves an assortment of proof which at any rate underpins the general appraisal that extraterrestrial life has been recognized, and that a vivacious program of research and genuine conciliatory activities is justified. Consider the accompanying outline of truths:

• There are various daytime and evening photos and tapes of plainly non-human shuttle from everywhere throughout the world; these movies and tapes have been assessed and esteemed credible by capable specialists in optical material science and related fields.

• There are more than 3500 military and business air ship pilot reports of experiences around the world; many cases have authenticating radar documentation and various witnesses both on the ground and noticeable all around.

• There are more than 4000 landing follow cases from around the globe.

• There are several electromagnetic situations where rocket have been seen by police, military work force and regular people to influence auto motors, radios and other electric gadgets.

• There are more than 100 first-and second-hand observers to the recovery of an extraterrestrial rocket and no less than four extraterrestrial bodies from a crash which happened in July, 1947, 75 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico; composed and recorded declaration from a few direct witnesses who are regarded military officers have been acquired.

• There are several valid reports, numerous with various observers, of humanoids in relationship with landed shuttle.

• There are a few numerous saw occasions where people have been accepted shuttle.

• CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has in the previous year and a half prevailing in purposefully building up contact with extraterrestrial shuttle, on two events at short proximity, and with various witnesses introduce.

• Various surveys have shown that around 10% of Americans (25 million individuals) have seen them at short proximity so that points of interest of the structure of the protest can be observed.

• Numerous US. Government records exist which show that these items are genuine and have been included with watching Earth for quite a few years.

It is putting it mildly to state that the time has touched base for a genuine and open universal exchange with respect to the likelihood of future interplanetary relations. In no other range of human experience has so much proof existed for so long, but then been gone to by such a lack of genuine research and investigation - at any rate in the non military personnel space. While the topic [of UFOs] itself is phenomenal, it is the nonappearance of a genuine human reaction to it that is generally exceptional."

Researcher, (name not accessible)

"The revelation of other wise life in the universe would be the most imperative occasion in mankind's history. Period."

John Alexander, NIDS, "Disproving Fermi: No Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life?"

"The irrefutable the truth is that there are a significant number of multi-sensor UFO cases upheld by a great many believable witnesses. In the physical space there are numerous photographs, recordings, radar following, satellite sensor reports, landing follows including miseries and abnormal lingering radiation, electromagnetic obstruction, and affirmed physiological impacts. Individual perceptions have been made both day and night, frequently under astounding perceivability with some at short proximity. Included are reports from different free observers to a similar occasion. Mental testing of a few onlookers has affirmed their rationally fitness. Why is none of this considered confirmation?

There are more than 3000 cases detailed by pilots, some of which incorporate obstruction with flight controls. On various events air activity controllers and other radar administrators have noted unexplained protests on their degrees. So too have a few space experts and other capable researchers announced their own perceptions. Numerous military authorities from a few nations have affirmed multi-sensor perceptions of UFOs. The most senior air guard officers of Russia, Brazil, Belgium and as of late a previous Chief of Naval Operations in Chile all have expressed that UFOs are genuine. These cases and remarks are a miniscule division of the aggregate group of confirmation.

Obviously they don't constitute certain confirmation. Be that as it may, to state there is no proof suggestive of astute extraterrestrial life basically gives a false representation of the realities. Decades in span and worldwide in nature, there are an excessive number of hard sensor information focuses and a great many observers to overlook. We surely can wrangle about the hugeness of particular information and question regardless of whether it builds up a causal relationship between the perceptions and extraterrestrial life. Be that as it may, it is just through obliviousness or vainglory that one can state no confirmation exists."

Stanton Friedman, The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Flying Saucers, 1995

"Conceptual: Careful audit of a tremendous exhibit of pertinent proof plainly prompts to the conclusion that some unidentified flying items are cleverly controlled vehicles whose cause is outside our close planetary system. Every one of the contentions against the extraterrestrial starting point appear to be based upon false thinking, distortion of confirmation, disregard of pertinent data, numbness of applicable innovation, or pseudo refined presumptions about outsider appearance, inspiration, or government mystery… .

The essential UFO confirm comprises of UFO locating reports, multi-witness close experiences, still and movies, radar trackings, synchronous radar-visual sightings, physical follows (natural changes in soil, vegetation, trees, and so on.) created by UFOs, kidnappings by outsiders of Earthlings, and likely (in concealed areas) smashed UFOs and saved outsider bodies. The overall birthplace of the different information accumulations demonstrate comparable encounters happening and being accounted for freely everywhere throughout the planet. The general quality and amount of reports is obviously better than a great many people—particularly receptive doubters and researchers and daily paper journalists—know… .

There is no doubt, following 37 years of study and examination that the confirmation is overpowering that planet Earth is being gone to by astutely controlled vehicles whose birthplace is extraterrestrial. There are no worthy contentions against flying saucer reality, just individuals who either haven't concentrated the significant information or have a solid won't to trust that Earth is at the base of the load sociologically and mechanically in our nearby galactic neighborhood."

Stanton Friedman, atomic physicist and driving UFO scientist, writer of a few books and various articles on UFOs.

"The proof is overpowering that the Earth is being gone to by astutely controlled vehicles from off the Earth."

"There are no great contentions to be made against the conclusion that a few UFOs are wisely controlled vehicles from off the Earth. A few doubters might be well meaning, however they are quite often unmindful of the noteworthy logical information demonstrating UFO reality. They read the daily papers yet not the strong data. They are ignorant of the horde arrival follow cases, the huge number of "critter" reports and Earthling kidnappings, the various huge scale logical accumulations of information, the many distributed logical reviews demonstrating that outings to

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