UFO Sighting Seen over Seoul, South Korea on Sept 2011, TV NEWS Video.

Date of sighting: September 2011
Location of sighting: Seoul, South Korea

(Translation): According to Yonhap News, on the 6th of September, 2011 when 24 people in downtown Seoul witnessed a UFO in the sky. South Korea's UFO research experts have said that it looks like the shape of a lid upside down and symmetrical. They state the photo provided by the public witnesses is not fake. South Korea's "UFO Investigation Centre"Xu Zhonghan (voice) Director, said: "pictures of people in the press the camerashutter, the UFO disappeared without a trace, so you can determine the object is not insects or birds, nor will balloon. "

Local residents of Seoul caught sight of a typical UFO disc the other day. One person caught it on their cell phone and gave it to local news. This classic style disc has a hump in its upper center, which could be the location of the beings who drive these craft. A close up of a similar UFO was photographed at Rocca Pia, Italy, click here to see the photo.


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