Fleet of UFOs Recorded Over Thailand On April 20, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 20, 2014
Location of sighting: Thailand

This fleet of glowing orbs appeared two days ago over Thailand. The objects fly together at a matched speed. At the end of the video the objects disappear and reappear, which looks like they are passing behind a nearby tree. I don't believe its the UFOs flashing. I messaged the person and will have an update soon on the exact city in Thailand. SCW


  1. I could not find how to email you Scott I wanted to let you no WHY the Government will not (can not) admit to u.f.o. The reason is that if they did the (Catholic.) church would fall see the is nothing in the bible about u.f.o.'s the bible would mean nothing the whole thing would crumble (that's the truth and fact)

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  2. I saw something similar about 8 months ago over Phayuha Khiri, Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand. About 8.00 pm a very similar formation flew almost overhead
    heading south, I didnt take too much notice as it is the air route from Chiang Mai
    - Bangkok, there was no sound, and relative speed would be the same as an passenger aircraft on its initial descent to Bangkok 200 km to the south. I was struck by the unusual pattern of navigation lights, which is almost the same as this video, there is a military airforce base 20km to the SE but to have a formation like this they would have to be very high and in commercial air traffic lanes.
    Thai have have hot air candles about a metre or more in height and released by the thousands which is most disconcerting if you dont know what they are and a problem to air traffic.
    the object I saw in 2013 was a rigid formation 2:1 rectangle with diagonal and rectangular braces of lights very similar to video but holding strict formation.
    former navigator with miltary clearance aviation


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