Space Junk Enters Atmosphere And Flies Though Guys Window, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 7, 2014
Location of sighting: St. Pauls, Minnesota, USA
News Source:

Theres no way that object would ever stay that hot for that long unless it had just entered the atmosphere. What I mean is it has a high probability of being space junk. Just a few a few days ago politicians and NASA brought up the subject, but it looks like the junk is solving their problem by losing orbit. Remember back in Jan of 2007 when China blew up their satellite making a mass of debris in orbit? This may be a part of it. Also the faster the object the less the window cracks. I don't see a lot of cracks like a slow baseball would make. SCW

News States:
SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Bob Urman said he was sitting down in his recliner to take in a Twins game the night of May 7th when just after the first pitch, something came crashing through his St. Paul apartment's window.

"It scared the living heck out of me," said Urman. "I just stood there I was stunned."

He said the object broke through his double paned window, crashed into the back of his television set, broke glass all over the floor and when the metal object came to rest it was so hot it burned his carpet.
Urman said he called police and when they arrived the object was still hot to the touch.

"He went to reach for it and it was warm and he dribbled it out and he picked it up and put it on the shelf by the window," Urman explained. (More at source).


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