NASA And 20th Century Fox Decided It Was Time To Announce Water On Mars! Oct 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Release date of movie: Oct 1, 2015
Name of movie: The Martian

Yeah guys, I went to see the movie The Martian today and yes it was awesome. No spoilers don't worry, but I want to tell you about NASA and 20th Century Fox cooperating with one another. 

Water on Mars announcement happened on Sept 27, 2015. The Martian release date was Oct 1, 2015. Less than a week apart. If it wasn't for this movie, NASA would not have made the announcement at all!

Since when does show business Hollywood types dictate what NASA does or doesn't do? Well, they did it. 

What did they do? They cooperated together not just to help make the movie more realistic, but also NASA announced just one week before the movie release date that they found water on Mars. This is NASA trying to drum up publicity for The Martian movie. This is evidence NASA and 20th Century Fox decides what NASA announces. NASA didn't decide this alone. They knew that if NASA made a big announcement about water on Mars, it would drive a lot of publicity for the movie, in turn making 20th Centery Fox money. Conspiracy? Yeah...there sure has hell is one here.