When My Youtube Account Reaches 50,000 Subscribers, I Will Release Something Big As A Thank You.

Hey everyone. I have a Youtube account and its nearing 50k (at 45K now) subscribers. On the day it reaches 50k I will release something big. You say Scott, you have been holding back. Yes...of course I have been. Why would I release everything at once? Or even release everything I have found? Honestly, I like to take my time and think about the things I discover...sometimes releasing them, and other times...keeping them for myself. I guess thats sounds selfish, but somethings I feel the publics not ready for and others...well screw it, will be released when I am good and ready. When I release it, dozens of UFO channels across YouTube will make their own videos about it trying to take credit for my discoveries, which is normal for Youtubers. They do that. But I credit my sources and take credit only when credit is due. I have held this back for over 15 yeah, I do that and have many discoveries I have held back. Why? Why ask why? I just want to thanks those 50k subscribers for their loyalty and thoughtfulness of following my Youtube channel. UFO Sightings Daily. 

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Thanks, Scott C. Waring

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