Taiwan coast guard ship confronts China military ship on April 8, 2023, Military World News.


Video Credit: Taiwan Minister Kuan Bi-ling, facebook
Translation to English: By Scott Waring

This just out today, I translated and wrote the subtitles in English myself. China vessels crossed into Taiwan territory waters and was warned off. China is doing a military exercise to punish Taiwan president for going to America and other countries to drum up support and friendship. So yesterday alone, Sat April 8th, 71 China military jets and 9 China military ships were inside Taiwan territory. Very soon, Taiwan will be attacked and China will use a fake military drill to do it with. If Taiwan is attacked, this channel will probably go silent, since all communications would be cut immediacy upon China attack in order for them to have a chance at success. Plz support Taiwan, we exist because the world cares to help keep us free. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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