Ancient Structure On Asteroid Eros, Watching Earth, UFO Sighting News.


Name of asteroid: 433 Eros 
Location of Asteroid: Currently now in constellation Aquarius 
Photo source:

This structure is about 50 meters across and 150 meters high. Its shadow tells us its height. The photo itself is 1.1 miles across from the description NASA gives. NASA never mentions the towering structure in it, but I don't see how they missed it. This tower is a radar recording data and transmitting it to its home world. This asteroid only passes earth every few years, but all along its way its recording different species of alien ships that pass into its territory, which could be an early warning system to protect earth and alert the alien species watching over us. There is no way humans could have existed for so long without some species coming to mess with us, so it stands to reason, we have some alien protectors out there. And this tower on a passing asteroid is proof of that. 
Scott C. Waring 

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