Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek Says He Knows Some Aliens, 1982 Interview, UFO Sighting News.


Interview: 1982
Show: The John Davidson Show

Nimoy says he says, "I know people on this earth today that are alien." He is asked really, he said "Yeah," with a straight unemotional face. Then he is asked if he is serous, he says, "yes." Then William Shatner interrupts with a joke, but is it really a joke? He says, " A couple of directors." Nimoy says, "Oh really John, do you want me to answer this question in public now?" It really sounds like Nimoy wanted to tell the world that Gene Roddenberry is an alien, he is the writer, producer and director of Star Trek. Or perhaps, its someone else in Hollywood close to him? Since Nimoy's passing, we may never know for sure. Honestly it does make sense, the flip cell phone, the iPad, the computer, laptop, sonic weapons, ect all were inspired by Star Trek, and that leads to Roddenberry. The chances of him being a real alien is very high. But...who are the others Nimoy mentions? 
Scott C. Waring 

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