Three Discoveries On Google Earth, UAP, Fleet, Aliens, UFO Sighting News. Video.

Discovery 1: 0°16'22.00"S 91°22'30.15"W Ship & UFO 
Discovery 2: 32° 8'17.86"N 80°48'44.39"W UFO fleet & Abduction Discovery 3: 39°31'56.02"N 43° 7'19.41"E Ten Leg Alien Herd

Guys check this out, I have three discoveries from Google Earth map in this current video. I had a lot of stuff on my desktop that I have been saving for the right time. So here it goes, the first discovery reveals a UFO during sunset near a cruise ship with passengers in a boat watching and recording the UFO! The second discovery reveals a UFO fleet and two humans being abducted by UFOs...this one may be questionable for obvious reasons, but never the less interesting. The third discovery is a herd of ten legged giant creatures that were fenced in on a farm. Very odd on there, looks like the farmer torched them all, because the current satellite photos reveal the field burnt black. Death by fire. 
Scott C. Waring 

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