I just did an interview with Jaime Maussan, UFO researcher from Mexico, UFO Sighting News.


We had a face to face meeting with the famous Jaime Maussan, who just a few months ago stood in front of the Mexico congress and showed evidence of alien bodies. 

We talked about the UFO I found at the Arecibo radio telescope website. I found a gif which is many photos put into a movie form, the very last photo in the gif was very clear and focused. The one that is undeniable proof that UFOs and alien exist. It had a 800 meter disk (Arecibo stats tell size) and it had two smaller rectangle UFOs orbiting around it.  It had no rotation data which is strange since all the doppler radar images have rotation data except this one. I believe the UFO is too smooth to allow rotation to be recorded. 

Scott C. Waring 

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