90 Meter UFO photo released by US Gov on UAP site, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: 2022-2023 (date gov gave)
Location of sighting: Middle East

Look at this original photo below. It's not a passenger jet, it's a disk. It even was traveling so fast that the infrared camera caught the disk in four positions....three empty positions behind it. Thats fast! Now it's understandable that the US gov explains this away as something other than a UFO, because they want to keep their jobs. Whey you work for the US gov, they own you. Yes, they tell you that too when you join the military. So yeah, they will lie until their teeth fall out. This photo is clearly a 90 meter disk (they said air bus size) and it was only caught for one reason and one reason only.......They used an infrared camera. This camera can see light that the human eye cannot see. It can detect that light reflecting off objects which we don't know exists. This is 100% proof of a real UFO in the US recent release data. 
Scott C. Waring
Click the photo below to enlarge. 

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