Reno, Nevada UFO Sighting of white UFO and Grey UFO then disappears, May 3, photos.

Date of sighting: May 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Reno, Nevada, USA

Classic flying saucer!

White UFO being followed by grey UFO.

Full photo below, click on it to enlarge.

I am reposting this sighting because the eyewitness has emailed me and sent me some new photos that were not in the MUFON report because a second UFO is seen in three of them and a third UFO is seen in one of them.

As I looked over his new photos, a grey disk was in the upper right corner of one. It looked like a classic flying saucer and the most common seen. The eyewitness M.M. told me he didn't see it when he first took the photos, but noticed when he got home. He also said he didn't see the grey disk in any other photos. He sent me some photos I went through and I did notice near the white UFO was a grey UFO. So the eyewitness did photograph it more than once.

Eyewitness states:

"I took a couple of pictures and asked people around to confirm what I witnessing. I have a small camera with me everywhere I go. When I took the pictures ,at first did not notice the disc shape object on the top and when I came home and magnified the picture on my computer then I noticed it ! I do not think that anyone noticed/saw it either. This was in bright daylight at about 11:50Am and I had just left my physician's office. The white lightwas not moving for the first few minutes and then started to move and stopped again then all of a sudden it was gone!"

A few days later I (SCW) got in contact with the eyewitness (M.M.) and he stated this:

Below close up. Has grey UFO on far right of photo, looks like tiny white spot.

Same photo Using a heat vision program you can see 3 UFOs!

Two UFOs in below close up.

Below close up, notice the UFO orb in center?

"I stopped two women that were walking by (nurses from the hospital next door to my physician's office) One noticed the bright object right away and the other one said she could not see anything! They were on their way back to their jobs from lunch so had to leave. No one noticed the disk shape object at all. I only noticed it when I came home to my computer and zoomed in. I had an appointment for my annual exam and as I was leaving the building I decided to look at the sky for no specific reason.(it was a nice sunny day with blue sky)."

See the grey UFO at top and white at bottom? One is escorting the other.

Full photo below, click to enlarge.

"No special events that I was aware of in the immediate area."

"I really can not say what the size of the craft was because it was way far up in the sky. I first observed it with naked eye for a minute or two,then started to take the pictures. Then Nothing was out there!!"

"After I got home I sat outside to see if I could see anything else for sometime but, NOTHING. There is FALLON NAVAL STATION (Once Home of Navy Top Gun Fighter Training), 62.8 miles or about 1 hour and 7 minutes of driving time from Reno."


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  1. I have two photos that are snap shots from my action cam (set up to take photos every couple of seconds) when I got home after downloading noticed some unusual shapes in the clouds, then noticed a bright object off to the far side of the photo that looks similar to the white UFO above, interesting! shots taken Qld Australia April 2015

  2. How can I post or email my 2 photos that show a similar craft to the white to this page photos taken Qld April 2015

  3. Someone took the photos down no one can see them


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