UFO Over Downtown Metz, France During Day On Google Map! April 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 2016
Location of discovery: En Fournirue, Metz, France
Source Google Map URL:
French UFO Site:
This UFO was found by a reader of the French UFO site Ovni Paranormal run by UFO researcher Christian Mace. This UFO is tilted to one side...much like Bob Lazar said he saw in  area S4. To move he said...the UFO must tilt slightly. This UFO Shows us that. This UFO also has a tiny antenna sticking out of one side. 

If you look carefully you will see that the bottom has a raised center. This kind of UFO has been seen around the world, often near power lines tapping into communication and information networks.  I am in awe at the detail of this UFO. Its just so beautiful. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Lololol

    You are in awe of it's beauty???


    It looks like a party balloon, you twit.

    Good lord. You just keep on embarrassing yourself.

  2. NoW,maybe? This could be,a craft. Made from Reversed-engineering.? Especially, since it supposedly. Has an antenna, sticking out of it. What about some sort of drone? We All want these craft. To be UFOs. But let's be truthful, there are alot more. Of these. Craft,that could be from. Reversed-engineering crashed UFO'S. Look how many years,have passed,since Roswell. Also,how many downed craft. Have been recovered, since then. They certainly are Not being put. In the daily,or nightly news broadcast.


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