March 26, 2017

Glowing UFO Baseball Size Caught Exploring Farm In Oklahoma, March 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 4, 2017
Location of sighting: Gore, Oklahoma, USA
Source: MUFON #82816

This UFO was caught by a farmer in Oklahoma this month. The infrared camera can see light the human eye cannot. IR (infrared) is outside the human eye spectrum, but this camera can see it. The UFO was caught just below the pine tree and as you can see, the UFO was so bright it lit up the lower branches of the pine tree. As I have said before, UFOs range in size from tiny golf ball size to miles across and great sizes. This one prefers to wait till midnight to 6am when most humans are sleeping so it can explore and learn...but in between...where does it hide? Is there a larger ship hiding in a local pond or lake nearby. Below the surface of water is the most logical and easy hiding place. 

The Arkansas river runs just across the north western side of Gore, so this is the logical hiding place of the UFO.
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
Frequently observe these orbs. decided to put out game cams. we were astonished that the cam caught the orb via motion and once we zoomed in on the picture and adjusted the picture with basic contrast adjustments we were amazed. around 6 people have observed this orb phenomena over the last six months. the object typically hovers for approximately 15-20 minutes and disappears. this sighting happens on our sheep farm usually around midnight to 6 am. The first time this was observed was around Sept 2016. Several farm hands noticed two orbs floating in the pasture. the evening was very quiet. two orbs floated back and forth appx 100 yards away from the observers. My brother yelled "hey!, who's out there and whats your business here?", the orbs stopped moving and sticks could be heard breaking as they exited on the backside of our main pasture; mind you, all our sheep are locked up in a barn at night. my farm hands stood there watching the object(s) daring each other to go down there. there's no way it was an sheep or deer moving about. the two orbs exited the property to the east and disappeared. There have been various other "pop-up" occurances between then and present day. We typically watch it from the top of the pasture and typically it goes away. One morning in Jan 2017 the orb had 'woke up' all our farm animals; we went outside the house and walked towards the barn; all the animals were nervous and 'vocal'; making noise like a predator was near or someone they didn't know; we walked to the barn and watched the 'single' orb this time just hovering around 4-6' off the ground; appx 80 yards facing south from our perspective. During the last observance this March (2017); we had the game cam setup and captured those images; i tried driving my truck to the opposite side from my brothers viewpoint. after watching and talking to my brother via facetime video; the object took off and hovered over the home location and disappeared. I was reluctant to post this b/c i don't want any attention brought to my farm or family; im a local public official and wish to remain anonymouse but would be interested in talking to a field investigator.

Fleet Of UFOs Over London Following Jet, March 25, 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting:  March 25, 2017
Location of sighting: London, England
Source: MUFON #82822

These UFOs are easily cloaked when hiding within white clouds, however they were seen following a jet, probably out of curiosity of the latest human aviation tech. Once called Foo Fighters in WWI and WWII, these types of UFOs still exist are are actually the most common. At night if they hold still the chances that you will mistake them for a star are very high, until the move and blow your mind. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
Fulham, London walking to a cafe. Airspace is busy but on this occasion I looked at and saw a star like object about 7 aircraft widths to the left of the passenger aircraft. Then noticed several lights to the right of the aircraft as I looked up: about 7, 12 and 15 aircraft widths to the right. They followed the aircraft and continued to follow it, keeping the same relative distance, as it banked gently toward a more northerly path. At first I thought they were balloons reflecting bright sunlight - I've seen some rarely - but thes lights remained at a constant speed, had a smooth direction and all turned relative to each other, and at same distance from each other. Also, they seems to emit a constant light and not reflect it, whereas balloons change intensity as they tilt relative to me/observer and the sun. The aircraft wasn't landing at a London airport, those are Only a few thousand feet above observer-point and the aircraft had a vapour trail and I should imagine it was over 15-20,000 ft above me. Aircraft and light were obscured by city housing then.

March 25, 2017

Alien Bases Found On Google Moon Map, 100% Evidence That Aliens Exist, March 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Location of sighting: Earths Moon
Co-ordinates: 21° 4' 2.23 N, 148° 39'12.30"

Here are some fantastic shots of alien bases on Earths moon found on Google Moon Map. They are significant structures which warrant more research into them. However, to view them, you must put the correct settings into your Google Map side bar. Once you get the settings, look around the area and you should find a lot of structures about. 

1. Go to Layers bar on left side of screen of Google moon.
2. Go to Global Maps button, click it. 
3. Below Global Maps button, Choose Visible Imagery.

You need the VISIBLE IMAGERY setting to see the buildings that I am reporting here. Lots of people are calling me a fake because they don't know how to use the Google moon map settings. Please don't be one of them. Just follow the instruction above. 
Scott C. Waring

March 24, 2017

New Mars Faces Published In Journal Of Space Exploration, March 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Photo above has been focused only. 

Original photo and drawing above (untouched)

This is interesting. I got an email from a friend and reader of my site and a new face has been discovered on Mars. The face is actually similar to a lot of other smaller faces I have reported to you in that it has not one, but two faces in it. On face wearing an elaborate helmet, and on the helmet is another face. On the persons neck is a alien word "33" but the second 3 is smaller. I believe these mean "friendship." Since the big 3=the big face, and the little 3=the little face. 

But wait, I sharpened the image, and brought out detail of a third face...its on the big faces chin area. I will put it just above here...with the 33 visible in it so you see the location. The sharpens photo is below. So, now we know, "33" really means "three friends, or cooperation." 

This is a professionally published paper in the Journal of Space Exploration. They evidence is analyzed over and over again. Fantastic! The evidence is growing. Professionals from all walks of life are participating in find the evidence right in front of us. 100% real proof that ancient aliens once existed on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring-Masters in Counseling, BA in El Ed. 

The email states: 
Bearded Profile with Avian Headdress on Mars – featured in science journal.

Purcellville, Virginia –A Geoglyphic formation observed on Mars depicting a bearded profile with an avian headdress is the subject of a new science paper, published in the current issue of the Journal of Space Exploration (Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2016). The paper, “Bearded Profile with Avian Headdress within the Southeast-Facing Slope of an Impact Crater in the Utopia Planitia Region of Mars,” reveals a profiled portrait of a bearded, human head wearing an avian headdress. The facial features include an eye, nose, mouth, mustache and beard, while the headdress consists of a large nesting bird. The formation is documented in four NASA images that confirm the consistency of the portraits human and avian components.  When compared to a collection of similar terrestrial motifs, the Martian structure not only duplicates their aesthetic design but, reveals a lost legacy perhaps shared between two worlds.

Contributors to the paper include members of the Society for Planetary SETI Research and The Cydonia Institute; William Saunders (geomorphologist), George Haas (sculptor), Michael Dale (geologist) and James Miller (image analyst).

A direct link to the Journal of Space Exploration paper is provided below.

Photographs and supportive materials are available on request.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

*The Society for Planetary SETI Research (est. 1991) and The Cydonia Institute (est. 1991) are independent organizations of scientists and researchers with a common interest in the study of anomalies observed on planets and satellites within our solar system whose origins may be the result of intelligent design. Their members come from a variety of disciplines including physics, astronomy, engineering, geology, archeology, image processing, and the visual arts.

👽 UFO Over Great Britain With High Detail On March 23, 2017, UFO Sighting News. 👽

Date of sighting: March 23, 2017
Location of sighting: Great Britain
Source: MUFON #82800

Here are some fantastic UFO photos from Great Britain this week. All I did was enlarge them, not altering of color or light. The one photo above in particular is very highly detailed and is standing up long ways, but in the lower photos we see a disk, a rectangle and a cylinder craft. This may be a morphing craft, that changes shape, but I believe that its turning slowly, rotating, giving the eyewitness a new perspective of the UFO every photo. Remarkable. We have seen reports of this UFO all over England last month, but to see it close up...amazing. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Got done feeding my little one and I glanced out of the window in our dark dinning room and saw what i thought was a bright star but when looking at it more closely it was pulsating different colours so i went out side and did a few zoomed in pictures went back in and zoomed in on those and well i have never seen or heard of a star changing colour and shape at random. Watched this thing for 2hrs roughly slowly moving across the sky. I had originally thought it was a plane or chopper but i heard nothing and it did not move. We have lots of planes flying over our house as well as the odd chopper so I'm pretty darn sure it was not either of those. Left me puzzled and slightly unnerved as this is not the firs time i have seen something like this in the same area of the sky i saw this thing tonight.