October 23, 2016

Blink-182 Tom DeLonge Responds to His Leaked UFO Emails: "Big Things Are Coming" UFO Sightings Daily

Date of article: Oct 22, 2016
News source: https://us.yahoo.com/music/tom-delonge-responds-leaked-ufo-211633773.html

This is really odd. Tom Delonge is acting like he's an alien or something that can force disclosure, or that he has created some elite group that could easily compete with the illuminate.  I really hope he is successful what ever his endeavours in the field, as long as it helps awaken to public to the reality of the situation. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Tom DeLonge Responds to His Leaked UFO Emails: "Big Things Are Coming"

Last week, it was revealed that former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge has sent multiple emails to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign chairman John Podesta asking about aliens and UFOs. His questions seemed trivial compared to some of the other information gathered by WikiLeaks, but DeLonge isn't laughing. The longtime UFO enthusiast (who once quit Blink-182 to focus on his extraterrestrial interests) issued a statement regarding the emails Friday afternoon.

"I am still here," he wrote on Facebook. "Wikileaks really messed some important stuff up. What seems like ridiculous subject matter to most, is of massive importance to admirable National Security Leadership."

Clearly upset with the lighthearted manner most people have taken with his emails, DeLonge continued, "It’s easy to poke fun about the topic from an armchair, but unless you’re invited to the meetings I have been a part of, then…no more laughing. Big things are coming. Project is still on, believe it or not, things just got bigger. #SekretMachines"

For now, we're unsure what these "big things" are, but for a closer look into DeLonge's thoughts on UFOs, you can watch his 2012 interview with Larry King on the topic below.

Moon's North Pole: Possible Ancient Structure Dark Rectangular Shape, Telescope (Video 4K) Oct 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 2016
Location of sighting: Earths Moon, North Pole

This is a really nice close up of the moon using a telescope to see in 4k video. As you see, the person found a dark circular tower on the moons horizon. The edges of the moon are easiest to spot the buildings because of the angle of light, the viewer, and the structure itself. Amazing discovery by UFOvni2012 of Youtube. 100% proof that giant structures exist on Earths moon. 
Scott C. Waring

October 22, 2016

Two Glowing UFO Over Mountain Tops At Newman, Georgia On Oct 16, 2016

Date of sighting: Oct 16, 2016
Location of sighting: Newnan, Georgia, USA
News source: MUFON #79837

This sighting included two UFOs which stood out in the night sky. Unfortunately the eyewitness didn't get any video, but only had this single photo. A video of them moving would really help determining if it was a UFO or something else. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time? I was taking a walk in the later evening about dusk to get some steps in for the day. The sighting was around 730p EST, in Newnan, GA, about 15 miles south of Hartsfield Jackson Airport. 

2. What made you first notice the object? There were 2 very bright lights in the sky, not airplane lights. Living so close to the airport I see airplane lights all the time and know the landing patterns of the planes. They were out of the landing path from the west and east of the directions of the planes in the area. The orb lights stood out like a sore thumb. The orbs were also closer together than any planes would be on approach to the airport. 

3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it? Airplanes 

4. Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail. 2 very round, circular, glowing orbs. Like perfect glowing circles. Almost star like in color. After taking the pictures with an iPhone 6s +, I zoomed in to see if I can get a better look. In the middle of the orbs there seems to be something in the middle of each of them, but not sure if it is just distortion or not. 

5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object. I always look for UFO's, so I was excited that this could be my first potential sighting. I had no other feelings other than excitement. I texted my buddy the picture and he check flightradar24 and nothing on the app showing aircraft in the area matching the two orbs in that area. I am always skeptical of ever seeing anything like this, but this was different than anything I have ever seen before. 

6. How did you lose sight of the object? Total sighting was about 10 minutes for me. I wasn't 100% sure, so I started walking down the hill to my house. I as started walking each orb went in separate directions in slow controlled line. It was odd to me that they were going the opposite direction of the landing patterns of the planes. They went below the tree line (in the pictures) and didn't see them again.

UFO Fragment Dating Back 250,000 Years Found In Romania, (Tested Positive), Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date discovered: 1973
Location discovered: Romania

This object is very similar in appearance to the old Bob White alien artifact found back in 1985, when it fell from a huge ball of light in the sky. 

Bob White states;

"It was huge, the size of a very big barn. I got out of the car for a better look. 

"For some unknown reason, Jan turned on the headlights, and this light went up in the sky as fast as my eyes could follow it.

"Then I saw another small light, bright orange with a tinge of yellow, white, and blue falling from it." 
Bob White aluminum object seen falling from a UFO ball of light.

Mr White said he climbed an incline and headed for where he thought it would have landed.

He said: "I found a groove in the ground about 18 inches deep and nine inches wide. 

"I followed the groove and there it lay.

"It was still glowing."

After 13 laboratory tests it was confirmed the discovery was a solid centred aluminum alloy, just like this new UFO fragment found in Romania. Also the color appears the same. 
Scott C. Waring

Video states: 
A piece aluminium that looks as if it was handmade is being hailed as 250,000-year-old proof that aliens once visited Earth.
The discovery of the mysterious chunk of metal in communist Romania in 1973 was not made public at the time, according to CEN.

Testing has since revealed that the object is made of 12 metals and is 90 per cent aluminium with Romanian officials dating it as being 250,000 years old. 

The initial results were later confirmed by a lab in Lausanne, Switzerland, CEN reports.

Metallic aluminium was not really produced by mankind until around 200 years ago, so the discovery of the large chunk that it claimed to be up to 250,000 years old is being held up as a sensational find.

In 1973, builders working on the shores of the Mures River not far from the central Romanian town of Aiud found three objects 10 metres (33 feet) under the ground.

They appeared to be unusual and very old, and archaeologists were bought in who immediately identified two of them as being fossils. 
The third looked like a piece of man-made metal, although very light, and it was suspected that it might be the end of an axe.
All three were sent together with the others for further analysis to Cluj, the main city of the Romanian region of Transylvania.

It was quickly determined that the two large bones belonged to a large extinct mammal that died 10,000-80,000 years ago, but experts were stunned to find out that the third object was a piece of very lightweight metal, and appeared to have been manufactured. 
The object is 20 centimetres (7.8 inches) long, 12.5 centimetres (4.9 inches) wide and 7 centimetres (2.8 inches) thick.

What puzzled experts is that the piece of metal has concavities that make it look as if it was manufactured as part of a more complex mechanical system.

Now a heated debate is going on that the object is actually part of a UFO and proof of visitation by an alien civilisation in the past.

Gheorghe Cohal, the Deputy Director of the Romanian Ufologists Association, told local media: 'Lab tests concluded it is an old UFO fragment given that the substances it comprises cannot be combined with technology available on Earth.'

However, local historian Mihai Wittenberger claims that the object is actually a metal piece from a World War II German aircraft. 
He believes that it is a piece of the landing gear from a Messerschnmitt ME 262. 

The UFO hunters say that this explanation does not explain the age of the artifact.

The metal object has now gone on display in the History Museum of Cluj-Napoca, with a sign that reads 'origin still unknown'.

US Gov Considering Employing Project Blue Beam (Firesign) To Sway Election Outcome, Oct 2016, UFO Sighting News.

This is an interesting and eye opening video by Secureteam10 of Youtube. It talks about a pdf and wikileak, but most importantly, it talks about Project Firesign...formerly known as Project Blue beam, which was built on the foundation of HAARP program. Now back in the early 1980s, three reporters discovered and leaked info to the news agencies about Project Blue Beam...all were murdered by US agents within a few months. This is a dangerous topic for UFO researchers, so if Secureteam10 wants to tackle it, hats off to them. This is some important and useful info the public needs to know about. 

This PDF is from the Benson Strategy Group, which says in the pdf that they have the option (but not recommended) to use an "improved strains of ZIKV have been delivered and we have disseminated them to operatives." Which is meant to make voters hide indoors and is lethal. This Benson group sounds like a dark budget spy group for the US government. Cool stuff, but freaky scary to know the gov is considering such options to sway an election either way. 
Scott C. Waring