Night Vision Video of Two Glowing Orbs Over Germany And Plane, July 17, 2011, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 17, 2011
Location of sighting: Germany

Watch this video as an orbs similar isn composition to the orb over a temple in Jerusalem this year. This rob is a rare catch because usually they stay very far up in the sky and fool most by appearing as stars. Here we have not one but two glowing orbs. Please understand, its very possible the human eye could not see these UFO orbs even if they were flying near your head, it may be that the night vision camera sees outside of the human eye spectrum capturing these orbs. Are these orbs ships, robotic probes or a single living alien? I wish I knew.

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and "Dragons of Asgard." ☯

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