Sphere Following Space Station, NASA Cam, June 10 2022 Video, UFO Sighting News.


Guys, was at the hospital for about 12 hours, mother-in-law who lives with me fell down and had a second stroke. I drove her to the hospital and she seems to be getting better, but hard to tell. Anyways...been trying to post, now I'm back. I may have day where I'm not posting. 

I caught this yesterday but was unable to post it. It looks like a sphere and it has a blur around it...similar to what UFOs often cause when recorded on camera. Now I thought it could be dragon capsule, but there was none docking that I know of and a dragon capsule should be focused not blurry. This is really an odd one. Its directly off the NASA live cams and may even still be there, IDK. 

To me, this is absolute alien technology...a real alien craft following the space station. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. Is that the actual speed or did you slow it down?

  2. you can see that its actually moving and morphing, very cool !!!!

  3. looks more infront than behind. im new to all this ufo stuff but think its amazing to watch.

  4. The only Aliens I believe in, are the ones with no green card 🙄😏


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