January 19, 2012

A Motive For The USA to Shoot Down Russian Phobos Satellite (Mars Mission)...to hide the existence of aliens.

Soviet Probe Take Photo of UFO Before Satellite Is Destroyed, March 25, 1989.

In March 25, 1989 – Purportedly the above-top-secret infrared photo taken from the Soviet Phobos II probe, showing an object approaching the Martian moonlet. Estimates say the UFO was approximately 15.5 miles long.” [UFO mag, vol 7, n 1, 1992]

The Soviets had already packed “a very powerful laser” to be fired at the Martian moonlet Phobos. “All went well”, UFO mag’s Don Ecker wrote, until March 25, 1989. “Something” turned the Soviet probe into a spinner and the unmanned craft then disappeared.
“According to Zechariah Sitchin in his book Genesis Revisited, the rumor going around was that the Soviet space craft had encountered a huge ‘UFO’ while in Mars orbit. In his book, Sitchin included a photo that the Russians released, which showed a large ellipse shadow reflected off Mars. Sitchin claims that the few photos Phobos sent back prior disappearing were never released by the Russians, and that they treated the entire matter as ‘above top secret’.”


  1. This is because Mars's moon Phobos is possible hollow. A very old, giant spaceship.


  2. This isn't really a reply. I have always been fascinated with the strange, bizarre, and unusual. I have been subject to many experiences. Missing time to going through a dimensional time portal. I have seen many a strange things. So, when I see and read your site, I am glad to see that I am not alone. Thank you for the pursuit.

  3. Always enjoy the information you provide. It astounds me how people can still be skeptical about the existence of ufo's, or that the gov't or nasa wouldn't hide anything. Some people are simply too naive these days. Is a young man it's hard to present ideas or concepts without good evidence to back my claims. You're site has constantly assisted me in the spreading of truth. Thank you

    1. The Russian probe was not destroyed it was an excuse to go black on the mission; and that female cosmonaut was sent round saying that ET's shot the probe down total disimfo guys; that blur you see in the image is the overlay in the image processing. I known that Phobos is artifical and so is yu55. Mars has Face Pyramids all over the planet structures everywere, 'Scott' i have sent you leaked satelight images of them 12 in total all different looking, and the smokeing gun artifacts in rocknest crator, You see there was an inter-planetery war 65 million years ago which involved our ancestors the were a type two civilization that distroyed a planet the size of jupitor ; mars and the moon orbited that planet. There is more to the history of this solar system than just 15 thousand years of lies..... ??

    2. And how do you know this?

  4. Fantastic evidence. I bet Russia will be the first to announce aliens exist. Cool post bro.

  5. Keen to see and read further information regarding Anonymous post on November 23rd 2013. If it is suspected that the satellite moon above Mars is indeed artificial then the same must be said of the Earth's moon. Same technology? I wonder if that type of technology is a combination of light and frequency.

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