March 18, 2013

Alien Base Discovered On Google Mars, March 18, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 18, 2013
Location of discovery: Above Australe Mensa, Mars
Coordinates: 85° 45' 17.10"S   1° 20' 26.88"W

I was looking over Google Mars and discovered these ancient structures. It is obvious that Google tried to cover up the area near it and thats why I took a closer look. I also found a large patch of gold, but forgot to measure it. Looks to be about 2km across and 550-750 meters high. To find it, go to the search box and type, "Australe Mensa." Then move upward, if you still can't find it, turn on my video while looking on Google Mars and it will help. Once you find it, rotate the map upside to view it better. Scott C. Waring


  1. Scott, what are your thoughts about the wooly-wookey face on Mars?

  2. You can´t use the ruler to accurately measure the height in the way that you did. The actual height will be much greater.

  3. You spotted something that 'could be' a constructed structure ....but you already attach "Alien Base" to it without any further evidence?

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    1. Actually I just have passion and belief in what I'm doing. The only concern you should have is truth, ethics and teaching others. Oh, and take leaps of faith once in a while. That could be the key. Good luck. SCW

  5. It is a castle, probably an ancient one that survived the massive Mars war.