March 22, 2016

Giant Blue Face Found In Deep Space Nebula, March 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 20, 2016
Location of discovery: Carina Nebula
ESA Photo Source:
Location: Between 6,500-10,000 light years from Earth

Look around you right now. You are feeling pretty damn good about yourself. You are human, and you have conquered wood, stone and metal! We put our most precious idealistic faces of our most iconic heroes of our culture on tiny little coins. We even put faces carved into mountains in many places across this planet. But I am here today, to show you how small we really are. 

While looking for structures in the Carina Nebula...and yes, I have found them in other nebulas, I came across a very large blue male face. Its not just a face, but the side of the face, made on purpose to stand out and for all to know. Much like how Americas put its first president George Washington on a 1.5cm quarter. Sure Washington has impressed America...but not the rest of the world. He is only impressive to the US. This blue guy in the nebula...he has impressed entire worlds, maybe whole star systems with his beliefs. 

Next time you are strolling along the park and see an ant hill...give them a break and pass on by. Don't take pleasure in their pain. Rise above it. Its seems...aliens...are passing us by. 

Now...whats your ant hill in life?
Scott C. Waring 

Alien Technology Discovered On Mars by Spirit Rover in 13 photos! UFO Sighting News.


  1. I am always the one elected to carry spiders, etc., outside so we dont kill them. I once stood on the brow of a Riverboat at Disney World with 900 plus chanting for me to kill a snake I captured on the dock (I worked there while in college), and of course I released it back into the wild. After working for Animal Planet for almost 20 years, I was glad when Men in Black portrayed a cockroach as alien life, and Tommy Lee Jones decided not to step on it. Why destroy, just because you can? Am sure you feel the same way.

  2. If you look hard enough there are numerous faces you can make from the shades in this beautiful image.

  3. If you look at it it kind of looks like the rest of it is the neck, chest, and abdomen of it

  4. Gday mate. Yep I'm here daily :) I just use work PC so can't comment much.

  5. Mad catch by the way :) I'm never far, always in the background. You've had the ultimate hits lately don't stop a rockin

  6. You always point out the wrong face.if you drop your red arrow down to the next blue area by the yellow dot and look in the dark cloud on right you'll see 3 perfect faces. One is green in color. And one above and below.

  7. Hi I've noticed many other faces/beings in the photo other than the blue face. How do I contact you?

    1. I saw them to, but this one was the most outstanding. I had to post it, but thanks. If you ever do need to contact me do it on twitter at @SCWbooks

  8. Isn't this one a bit of a stretch? I see most but this one doesn't reach me.

  9. I do admire your work. Know that it is frustrating and tedious. Think your on the right track with the Nebula photo. In fact, I believe you are smokinG HoT.

  10. Ok. Not sure what is right. But been very intersest in sky since learning mars closest to earth in 60,000. Any marc. Well Monday, morning 1:40am to 3:30am. Sit on balcony. Seen star. Damn that star offley twinkling really fast real fast I might okay Starzone twinkle like that and so I was like play with my son and told my son alien ship he ran out there 2 binoculars worth nothing and so then I got to focus and I seen it blue green yellow and another color light like and going into square pattern. it would be really really really fast for a long time and then it slow down and it was the craziest thing and it just stayed here forever couldn't really make it out the shape of what had the lights. Then my so said there is 2 more. In like no those r stars he said n I can see colors too. N this is him looking with just his eyes. So I look n damn. They had colors too. Not as prominent as the one looking at w binoculars. One on each side of prominent colors. N slowly very slowly they was going towards prominent colors. This s*** was fast. CrAzy I've been up to late Lola but son their to back me up. Clouds made it hard to see the ones on the side. But prominent colors spin n changing was very clear. N was there forever. finally ok, going to sit. Waiting to shoot off. Lol didn't want to miss that. N it finally faded going SAw.At about 3:30. So just wondering. R we nuts. Is that something that could do that. N thAT fast n change speed w lights. Was wait. Thinking, when looking threw binoculars that ok. Alien looking at me looking at him. Going come down n prob me. Lol but its was kind of freaky scary. First time I can remember besides dreaming about alien ship shooting all the mailboxes down when like 6 , 7, 8. Mother sent me out that morning to check mail. N all mailboxes was knock down. N this k supposedly my brother had the same dream that same night. We shared room then. But still freaked out. I would love if anyone has answer. N I stay searching today. 06 20 2016. Hit me at Facebook. Deztiny R Sky. I have cartoon character w painted face like IICE.YEAHH HURRY I NEED ANSWERS. OMG HOPE WORKS AFTER ALL THIS TYPING


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