June 8, 2011

UFO Sighting over Dallas Cowboys Football Game Close Up on TV, Real Video during game.

Aliens Love Football!

Date of sighting: October 28, 1979
Location of sighting: Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

I want to go over this video and show you this oldy but goody UFO sighting that took place during a Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers game. These UFO orbs are hovering while small (14 inches in diameter) disks are flying about. To best see them skip to the super close up at 56 seconds into the video. This is real and took place during the game.

Also fast forward to 2:20 to see it again. Pause the video to see the tiny disks shooting around. Think of the tiny disks as drones, just like the USAF uses but much smaller and much faster.

UFO highlights from the 10-28-79 Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers game. Nationally broadcast and 52,000 stadium witnesses. They announcers broke into the toy gun commercial to show this. And later had to repeat the commercial due to this. The video was cut prior to commercials to prove authenticity. The good stuff starts at the 55 second mark.

Awesome UFO site here, Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread711374/pg1

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  1. Instead of Date of sighting, you can put some other...

  2. Dallas isn't just America's team anymore....

  3. i like the fact that the commentators are talking about them, adds a little more authenticity to it. Looked like they were spinning. Another great UFO video.. but again,... ET or Earthling ?

    1. those were kites...I had some when I was a kid. They were called spinners, you could link up to eight

  4. Even Aliens are Steeler Fans!!!!!

  5. seems the same as crop circles maker

  6. seems to be the same as crop circles makers

  7. 79 was a good year, football wise, city of champions, my buddy stole one of those big banners from Forbes Avenue downtown, his dad used it for a racecar cover. I didn't see the UFOs though, at least not as far as I can recall, until 86, 87, 88, I saw a really big UFO in 88, then after, mid 90s, I saw more...

  8. In the 1970s we used to see them up in the sky during Marching Band Contests, especially at Marietta, Ohio. They'd sit up there for hours, moving around and zipping here and there. Everyone in the stadium was watching them and "not" watching the band on the field, :( This went on for so long of people watching, pointing and talking about them that the announcer had to remind them what we were all there for and there was nothing to be seen in the sky. Ha! There were around 8 of them up there. Stars don't move like that.

  9. I remember seeing this on TV as it happened. Over the years I forgot about the teams but never forgot the spinning UFO's over the football game. Thanks for posting the video and allowing me to see it again. Cool then, cool now.

  10. The one announcer stating by the end of this vid clip & quote;"Take me to your leader" i wonder what he was thinking of when he said that it comes to mind...

    The ET observer drones seems to be attracted by emotionaly charged large groups of people imo & not only at sports games but outdoor concerts of various kinds & even battle grounds, i understand the UFO's seen during the vietnam war for instance was classified as "Enemy Hellicopters" because there was no positive military or even civilian aircraft ID recognition of them by either US russia or china could ID them.

  11. Those are alien drones spying on human activities.