UFO Shoots Past ISS On Live NASA Cam, Jan 2012, VIDEO.

Date of sighting: January 12, 2012
Location of sighting: Earth's orbit, ISS

Streetcap1 of Youtube often watches the live NASA International Space Station cam. He has made dozens of videos of these UFOs near the ISS. I myself was watching last night, but hadn't turned on the screen recorder, so I missed a UFO that looks similar to what he caught. Basically if you keep you screen recorder on at 5 minute intervals while watching, you will catch a UFO about once an hour. Awesome catch.


  1. Scott, are you familiar with the Atlanticobr Youtube channel? This is the place where you find "Answers of an Alien from Andromeda." The person(s) or alien who writes the "answers" provides some amazing information that seems to include almost every strange ufo and related anomaly that is shown on your blogspot, including information about the crashed ships on the moon. And, it makes sense and seems quite cogent in tying it all together. I found a transcript of it on their site and converted it to a PDF so I can read up on all the uploads from the first one in Sept. 2010 on my computer rather than watch all the slow videos. If you haven't read this or watched the videos, I think you will be quite pleased by it (but disturbed by the information about what our governments are planning with the help of some less evolved aliens). Take a look.

    1. I will look up his channel tomorrow. I have heard of the Aliens from Andromeda but from what I hear, they already walk among us. Oh…they don't look so perfect as often drawings make them out to be. They actually like the imperfections that make them have character. Don't expect them to look the perfect 10, but probably a 7.5 to fit in.


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