UFO Watches Lego Man In Space And Makes First Contact, Amazing Photos and Video Jan 2012.

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit Over Canada

While watching the "Lego Man In Space video," which has 2,106,931 views to date, I noticed this UFO orb shoots past the Lego Man at high speeds, yet the background stayed the same which means it's not the moon. The orb is seen at 46 seconds into the video, so you need to pause and start it many times to view it. It's flight path is from right to left side of the screen. Also in the video you see what looks like the moon which keeps its position. Note: the UFO is only visible at 46 seconds and no other location, don't mistake the moon for the UFO please.

This leaves us to wonder how aliens may view humans if the Lego Man made FIRST CONTACT? Or was NASA and DARPA spying on Lego Man to see what they could learn? Clearly Lego Man is making progress where NASA and DARPA are not. That's one small step for Lego Man, one giant leap for Lego Mankind? SCW

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