Glowing UFO Over Seattle, Washington On Feb 4, 2012 Close Up Video.

Date of sighting: February 4, 2012
Location of sighting: Seattle, Washington, USA

This person said that he only saw the UFO for a few minutes and didn't have a tripod, but the digital eye does not lie, and we can make out a UFO that is morphing. He states: "I caught this UFO through a banocular lense and a camera. It was at Seattle, between Harbor Island and Ballard and I would say it was hovering."


  1. i saw the same thing in Des monies hoovering over the Puget sound . they was like an yellowish color there was 6 of them. five left pretty fast
    and one stayed for about 5 more min . i didn't know what i saw i figured it was a flare or something but they didn't come back down . so that i knew it was not an flare . becouse how fast they left and the weird part is no sound what so ever . if it was a plane there would have been sound . if it was a jet it would of broke the Sound Barrier . and the flight path from the airliners was diverted...

  2. the ufo appeared Feb 4-5 from 11:45-12:40 exactly two years later, which strikes me as unusual; I observed it through birding binocculars, a bit clearer than your video. I am 72 and have an ivy phd. I viewed it from my home in Broadview.


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