Results of this weeks Poll.

The Question was, how will alien disclosure happen?
#1=51% of votes says, "Alien motherships will appear over worlds largest cities.
#2=28% of votes says, "Freedom hackers will unleash the truth."
#3=20% or 65 votes says, "Government announcement."
#4-5 is a tie. with 63 votes each. "By people coming forward about their UFO sightings." & "It won't."

I have to say I myself am hoping that hackers will do what Gary Mckinnon (Solo) of the UK did and enter the US military and NASA computers seeking the truth about UFOs and free energy. Gary's is known for the commiting the largest computer hack crime that America has ever caught. Although he is banned from using the computer now, he was a Jedi among hackers. The peoples Champion. 

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