Nine Glowing White UFOs Over Norway Aug 14, 2012.

Date of sighting: August 14, 2012
Location of sighting: Norway


  1. On, January 13, 2013

    When the United States Department took control and were assigned by Project Ozma; a, Doctorate by the Pentagon Commission; Mr. Ray Allen; to the Austin, Texas, and with Order on the US-President then; on May of 1966; 'derided;' false Reports to the White House including this one!!

    The lagging press convinced that all UFO Reports were a trail in mental confusion was retorted and find real American Study on a rare Book: By Mr. Frank Edwards: "Flying Saucers - Serious Business."

    According to UFOS Serious Business: The Inspector General on Official Order then; created the very first Pentagon accepted "Operations & Training; issue to find out if Aliens from other Worlds are interfering with Earth?
    With the rare World of Air Traffic Controllers; the Air Force with the Pentagon developed a Infra-Red scanning that helps associate the Alien enemy from Alien “friendly;” and works this way: According to “Local Control (known to pilots as "Tower" or "Tower Control") is responsible for the active runway surfaces;” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_traffic_control; … “all types of aircraft send back primary echoes of varying sizes to controllers' screens as radar energy is …” either vertical or horizontal; and Since centers control a large airspace area; air traffic controllers issue clearances and instructions at higher altitudes; of radar "finding" a target by interrogating the transponder!! The guidance or pattern scanning is a lengthy display of open or shut space on a frequency that is not amplitude nor frequency and all Aliens have this mapping to as in Mr. Edwards thesis to raid and abduct people at one term mostly, sleeping!! If, this sounds absurd then read over a real Pentagon valid and US Congress accepted date: On, the day of September and on air to air traffic control from Austin, Texas; the 19th day; on 1957; a newly developed and racing and experimental fighter with long-range killer ability near the U2; and the Burdon Austin, Texan; 5.76-all Alberta-built here in Edmonton; flew to 92,000 nearing the ‘window;’ of space travel!! Mr. Frank Edwards Air Force Base is rated and has the proof!! The Serious Business is during this rare historic climb; a UFO; photographed insert same Book; tried and recorded by Austin, Texan and Edmonton, Albertan air traffic pattern control as a “dog fight;” and in the war battle the UFO was undead!
    In the complex World of … “aviation flight category in which visual flight rules (VFR) flight is permitted—that is, conditions in which pilots have sufficient visibility to fly the aircraft maintaining visual separation;” and on ground level a scoping or scanning is needed to differ enemy from friendly aerial!! One early example is the Austin, Texas tower operations on call in Kentucky; by a rare letter from the Aur Technical Intelligence Center there in Austin; and read: … the “sufficient concern at high Military … establish a Project “Grudge;” to retund Project Sign; and all flight leaders find the First Leader of Command a Winnipeg, Canadian Sir Thomas Mantall; height a new bomber to enclose with new Radium Arton Deiploude Arton Radium; and scope out all Alien enemy!! In, this classic Study a real Briton lost his life fighting a real Alien!! “It looks metallic;” were not Sir Mantall (not Mantell) last words!! For the Chief of Staff in The Pentagon hired the second best English-Trainer; through American Military Command (AMC); and headed the nefarious Project Grudge; the next day; after covering the ground; with left remain; of a 21-year-old; (VIRGIN) of ENGLAND!! This was his birthday today!!

    The day is lost when a real Proud Son flies home dead!!

    All the day Care!!


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