Mistaken UFO sighting turns out to be parking lot lights reflection, over Virginia March 12, 2014, TV Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 12, 2014
Location of sighting: Southpark Mall, Virginia, USA

Often people make this mistake with UFO and think a reflection is a UFO...however I SCW believe this UFO just to be a reflection. You see the woman was sitting inside her car looking out the front windshield when taking the photo. How do I know? Because the camera hight is equal to the windshield height of the other cars in the parking lot. Also I believe that if you checked the number of glowing lights on the top of each lamp post in that parking lot, you will find each one has six glowing lights to illuminate the parking lot. Please beware of reflections off windows. I did try this a few years back to test the theory and yes...it looks real and yes I have been fooled by this before, but not today. Its not a UFO, but we can learn from the experience. SCW

News States:
CBS 6 was contacted via email and Twitter about a photo snapped Thursday at Southpark Mall, that allegedly captured a UFO in the clouds. Erica Skiddle said was with her mother and sister tonight at the Southpark Mall. They were leaving a department store and exited around 6:30 p.m. to a "weird and ominous" sky. "My mom and I took several pictures of the sky and while we began looking through our pictures, I noticed in one of mine that there was something," Skiddle wrote via email. "I had no flash in, nor a filter." "And my mom looked through hers and also saw she had whatever it was in one of hers," she added.

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  1. Nice to see reasonable discernment.
    Two points for SCW!


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