Mars Rover Curiosity Photographs A Second Cigar-Shaped UFO, May 04, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 4, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA Source: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?s=619&camera=NAV_RIGHT
Discovered by: UFOovni2013 of Youtube.

Curiosity records UFO orbiting Mars for over 10-12 minutes! NASA photos use to have high detailed descriptions, but not these rover photos. NASA tries not to give a lot of details in case a photo surfaces with something they cannot and will not explain...like these 6 images, 5 having a UFO in them.

Back in April we saw the Curiosity Rover caught a long UFO that was in the Mars sky for ten full minutes, and now today, I present to you the same UFO in photos taken on May 5th 2014. This UFO is at first hard to see because the size of the photo is so tiny. I give an example of its size below. The black image without the UFO is the first to be taken at 12:28:17. 

This is how big it is on the NASA site. (memory size 3kb)

I took the photos and enlarged them from 3kb size to 19kb size in order to show the true detail of the photo. I am not a NASA scientist and should not have to do this. They get photos from the rover that are always 1MB at the smallest and upwards of 600MB in size in HD detail, so why does NASA put up these tiny images for the public to view, when they have such massive sized originals? It shows NASAs obliviousness to the needs of the people.
I made the gif above to show the motion and angle of the UFO. Also you will notice the wings at one point 
(12:34:41). There are 6 total images. 5 have the UFO in it, one is early and has an empty sky. Oh...credit to NASA for these crap quality images. SCW


  1. 2 sightings without an explanation , equals a cover up .

    1. Yes, I agree. They don't want to talk about it and want us to forget it happened.

  2. Dam - amongst the flying spaceships spotted by the rover there are tons of stars that keep showing up in these photos. I wish those astro-nuts that landed on the moon had those neat cameras that could have pick up stars.

    1. True...but only if they were really on the moon. We did it in 1969 but can't do it today? Odd stuff.

    2. Hey, thanks. We have to keep on NASA to pressure them towards revealing the truth.


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