Disk UFO Over Sydney, Australia On March 19, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 19, 2015
Location of sighting: Sydney, Australia

This UFO was recorded by "ColourUFO" of Youtube. He is out almost every day, searching the day time skies over Australia using his infrared camcorder. Thats a camcorder with an infrared lens over it. Those lens can be bought from Ebay for 5-25 dollars. The sony camera is the older style that does not have an ir filter, so it allows it to see pure ir light. SCW

Eyewitness states:
The camera was used:Sony D C R-T R V.530 Digital camera with IR.850 optical filter fitted.Super Night shot position on.


  1. Place camera on tripod if you use daily and move it

  2. Put on tripod move as it does helps with bouncing hard to see and or believe sightings

  3. The problem I have with vids like this is that object could be a ufo or it could be a helicopter or something like that. I live in the country and have an airport across the field behind my house. The other night I was messing with my phone and filmed a helicopter flying n at night. While rewatching the video I realized it looked like pretty much every ufo video you see online. If the camera can't pick up the object then it will just capture the light in an orb shape. I believe in ufos and aliens but I believe alot of videos like this are not reputable sources. Just my opinion.

    1. I followed many planes using an ir lens in the day. I can easily make out their wings and body. Detail is so-so, but I am sure it varies from camera to camera. You could be right.

  4. Check out Google sky you can see random pics of space and I saw a triangle shaped ufo passing by a star I tried to save it to my phone but never found where it saved it to. I was lucky to find it. Looked like a stealth bomber


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