Guys, comments are reviewed now, because I get a load of spam.

I know this is inconvenient for everyone, but there is just too many spam bots posting the love doctors crap on this site. Also a lot of trolls, who got bullied as children and now want to take it out on the world at this site. So I have to review the comments for a while. SCW


  1. Please don't discard crtisisms by readers over some of your grotesque inferences. Please be bold and Let them be published.

    1. I disregard criticism that is rude, or obnoxiously pompous. I will delete any comment that calls me or anyone else here a name. The only war is between the Govt and the public, not the other way around.

  2. So does that mean any comment that questions your judgement? You say face, they say rock, will you allow that?

  3. Good on you. Don't blame you. Check out @galacticantics Instagram

  4. No, in my experience, anything that tries to get posted that simply disagrees with Scott - just doesn't get past the "approval" process. I've written many things in the past - and none were troll like, nor name calling - or rude in any way. I simply did not agree with theory or posit of what I was commenting on.


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