International Space Station evacuated due to UFOs! Raw Footage! July 16, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Updated: Someone asked me on Youtube why I posted the link to the news saying it was debris? I said, Russians can't just come out and announce they are tracking UFOs near the space station, nor can they say they may have to evacuate the ISS because of aliens, without causing a public panic. Astronauts use code words to play down the sightings. Watch this Buzz Aldrin interview to understand more.

Date of event: July 16, 2015
Location of event: Earths orbit

The space station tried to blame the Russians for the evacuation by saying it was Russian debris of a satellite that caused the evacuation, but in reality, it was two high speed UFOs. I took this footage directly from the NASA site, and as you can see, NASA was very frantic at trying to track these UFOs that sometimes they jumped to far ahead of the UFOs with the camera. 

This is 16 minutes of raw footage of them following the UFOs, fearful that they may crash into the space station. 

I found this footage, because of Streetcap1 of Youtube found a few minutes of footage of this, and I suspected it was the UFOs that caused the space station evacuation, so I went searching for it and got lucky. Enjoy and please share. Best if you watch in Full Screen Mode, and in HD settings. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Vis esses dois por aqui as 19h 45m e minha cidade, cascavel/pr/br

  2. Nope. That debris stayed on target.like star wars, "stay on target" still very interesting

  3. Looks like deris to me, no variation in path, the two that I could see maintained the same special relationship to each other and the same straight path. One looks like it was tumbling as at times it reflected the sun. No intelligent control, no zipping around the place

  4. Korniyenko and Padalka are Russian. The Soyuz is Russian too. Most of the tech and heavy lifting put into the space station? Russian. Who this 'they' you're speaking of?

  5. I've. Never seen "debris " have it's own power to leave orbit! If so, I want some debris like this

  6. I've been seeing the same thing from the bottom-up,over my home. I also though it was trash debris, maybe a trash bag in the sky, but I've been seeing it almost everyday, 2,3, sometimes even four together, in a perfect line following each other when there is zero wind. So I started thinking they were balloons filled with helium, but, it's like they have a mind of their own, they come to a fool stop, hover for almost a full minute, then they tend to completely change their course or fly against the wind; for example there have been times when the wind has been blowing pretty steady North/West, yet these things are folowing a path eastward or completely south, picking up extreme speeds then slowing down or simply stop and hover like hellicopters; and I know they're flying easily over 25k ft. because I've seen these things disapear in clouds where comercial jets are cruising by not disapearing in those same clouds.
    Maybe government drones spying on us, maybe an airforce project, I don't know

  7. WoW man, those craft must have been doing Mach 8 at least, & i dont think are publicly known air craft fly that fast, however the the ship's of the SSP & there melevolent pals from beyond well thats another story i think...


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