Two Glowing UFOs Fly Past Space Station On Live Cam, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 15, 2015
Location of sighting: Earths orbit seen from ISS

This is taken from the live cam of the International Space Station. Streetcap1 of Youtube has caught two glowing orb UFOs shooting below the station and they are actually moving faster than the space station. The ISS completes 15.7 orbits of Earth per day, so you know thats fast. I tried to make close ups of the craft the best I could. I could see at the early part of the video that there was sometimes a trail behind each UFO. SCW
Eyewitness, Streetcap1 states:
Thought it was maybe two Jets at first, but they would have to be doing thousands of miles an hour. They eventually disappear at the right hand side of the screen as the camera cannot keep up with them. Yes I have this footage, but thought folk would get bored watching two white dots in the dark.


  1. Is the ISS camera normally stationary? Were they tracking these objects because they noticed them?

    1. That's correct. Camera moved to track them.

  2. I had seen one tonight July 16 2015 at 945 pm whittier ca

  3. Pretty clearly some kind of reflection. I note how the lights keep pace with the iss til it crosses the terminator line, then appear to pull ahead. Might even have been on purpose, the way they kept the camera on and tracked the dots. Neat stuff.

  4. Watch this video

  5. Watch this video



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