800 Meter UAP Disk Seen With Arecibo Radio Telescope, UFO Sighting News, Video.

Date of discovery: Dec 1, 2023
Location of discovery: Our solar system

Guys, this is something thats been on my desktop a few weeks, and thought I better share it soon before I delete it by accident. I was going through the Arecibo telescope doppler radar data and found this one object that was labeled an asteroid, but clearly was a large metal alien disk. Data says this object is .5 miles in diameter or 800 meters across. Also, there are two smaller UFOs, rectangle shape, that orbit this larger disk. This is to protect the larger ship from sudden attacks and also for docking. There are 16 doppler radar images in this gif which makes the video. Only the last image, number 16 was a clear shot of the UFO. I believer there to be more, but some assistant must have been told to remove the clear ones and deliberately left a single clear, focused image of the UFO in the gif. Have you ever been told to do something at work that you felt was wrong so you just didn't do it that way? We all have. This is the holy grail of UFO images. Rarer than rare. This is what all UFO researcher seek, and it is before you now. 👽
Scott C. Waring 

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