David Grusch, UFO Whistleblower, Is the real deal, at (UAP) Hearing, UFO Sighting News.


Now this is interesting. This guy, David Grusch has come forward at the UAP hearings and is testifying that he has firsthand knowledge about and with alien technology. Now remember I do have a masters degree in counseling, and there are some interning things I noticed about Grusch. First, he 100% believes he is telling the truth. He is confident that the truth needs to be heard by the public and his eyes show that he has held this back for a long time, but it's now time for him to reveal this information. He is calm and confident. But most of all, I notice his speaking, his higher vocabulary than most people, his speed of speaking and his content (message) he is telling. It reveals to me he is highly intelligent, worthy of a high position in a secret government program, as well as to the point, which means he is use to being focused, gov worker type of focus. 

Over all I find his honest and telling us his true experience. I find this highly surprising, I didn't realize he was this legit of an eyewitness. I am impressed and he will help break the secrets held by the US and world government that hold back a floodgate of UFO and alien knowledge. But, this is yet a single straw placed on a mountain of facts waiting to break the camels back. 

Scott C. Waring  

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