UFO Over Dingle, Ireland On Nov 30, 2023, Video, UFO Sighting News. 👽👽👽

Date of sighting: Nov 30, 2023
Location of sighting: Dingle, Ireland
Source: https://twitter.com/MarkAttwood/status/1730023549304176974

This UFO was caught by an eyewitness yesterday that saw this tic-tac white UFO moving across the sky. He said he has seen such things before over the area. This craft has no wings, no contrail, no windows, lights or color other than the white cigar shaped craft itself. Just a fantastic catch, and proof that UAPs are over Ireland. I wonder....if there is a link to old Irish stories about little green men...otherwise known as leprechauns. It all makes sense now. 
Scott C. Wairng 

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