UFO over Gastonia, North Carolina on May 14, 2024, UAP Sighting News.


Report Source: https://nuforc.org/ 

Now this is a report released by NUFORC. An object similar to what I found years ago...the world calls my discovery the Black Knight Satellites in the NASA index. Well, this looks just like one of the ones I found. The silver metallic reflections also indicate a metal hull of the craft. The evidence is building up more and more by the day. 
Scott C. Waring. 

 Eyewitness states: A black winged like object started to the west that appeared to be just above the tree line. At first it looked liked a floating balloon or some kind of large bird circling. Then we noticed 3 flashing lights on the object that flashed in sequence. As it drifted and spun it gained altitude as it moved to the east over Charlotte, NC. It passed the flight path of incoming planes to the Charlotte airport. It drifted much higher and out of sight to the east over Charlotte. Even though it looked to be spinning and drifting it traveled very high and very far quickly. We recorded a video.

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