UFO over Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 7, 2024, UAP Sighting News.


Source Credit: https://nuforc.org/ 

Hey this is just fantastic. A UFO was photographed just a few miles from me. I hike on the trails behind this museum. I have often felt there was something there and this week it showed up. A wing shaped UFO with a disk at its center. I have seen a report of a similar craft back in Mt Saint Hellens volcano, Washington in Feb 25, 1999, when when a team of forestry service workers witnessed a similar craft abduct an Elk right in from of them. This UFO in Utah...its 100% real. 
Scott C. Waring - Utah

 Eyewitness states: Walking up to the building in the pictures. Took one picture from a little further back, then walked up a few more steps to get a closer picture of the building. Took two more pictures within seconds of each other, and in the third photo the object appeared. Made no sound, and truly did not even notice it in the sky until I looked at the picture. My friend who was with me, was just as shocked, as she also said she heard and saw nothing in the sky. Our focus was straight ahead at the building so we really feel we should have seen or heard something. Whatever this was moved in and out of the area very quickly.

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