Halo UFO above Tim Tebow and Broncos at Mile High Stadium

Date of sighting: January 8, 2012
Location of sighting: Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USA

Huffington Post states:  "Let's all try to be calm and rational about this. In addition to Tim Tebow throwing 316 yards in the Broncos' upset over the Steelers (Tebow painted Bible verse John 3:16 under his eyes in college) and fans replacing 'Tebow' with 'Jesus' on their jerseys, apparently a halo-like smoke ring formed over Mile High yesterday after the Broncos scored their first field goal."


  1. That's a smoke halo from the fireworks that had just went off. This happens all of the time. It's nothing majestic or from the unknown.

  2. That is the excuse the media is using...don't fall for it. I have yet to see a video of the fireworks at the game that day. I would believe the news except I did a little research on it first, check out below.

    What significance does this have to real UFOs? UFOs hide in clouds, or so the US government documents have stated since 1957 of the Fort Belvoir UFO Case. The Condon Report (p.168) devoted 11 pages to this case. One morning in September, 1957 an Arm private at Fort Belvoir, Va. was called from his barracks by his buddies to witness what appeared to be a black, ring-shaped UFO approaching. The private grabbed his Brownie camera and snapped 6 pictures of it, of which this was the first. After about 5 minutes, the black ring, which appeared "solid" to the soldier and glided steadily along, began to be "engulfed in white smoke."

  3. Mythi says,"...the moving rings are really spacecraft, with related field of invisibility. This happens when the field is very strong, resulting radiated energy ionizes water molecules at the ends of the fuselage of the ship, forming the unwanted ring. Ionization is so strong that the ring is attached to the ship in motion as a gray cloud charged. It's just a question of adjustment for the relative humidity in the region. They do not realize they are not completely invisible, only if another ship warns them."

  4. Hey, There coming, If this video or any other of the 156 Videos out there. There's enough proof. Listen to all the noise comming form the sky from jet's. Seems to be a bit more in fact. I can't wait to see one, Friendly or not.

  5. I knew they where coming and have been looking at this for some time now. We need to get the news out there more. We aren't doing enough for the general population to know.


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