UFO Cloaked In Cloud Over Lisbon Airport, Feb 2012, 4 Photos.

Date of sighting: February 2012
Location of sighting: Lisbon, Portugal

This is the second report for Portugal about this UFO cloud. This must be the same UFO as in Oerias because this is only 20 km from the city of Oeiras (same day sighting). This time its over the Lisbon airport. 

You think these are only clouds? As many of you already know, back in Sept 1957 a soldier took photos of a metal ring UFO over the military airport and as he was taking photos, the ring was making a white cloud around it until it was fully hidden from the camera. Click here for the photos and report. 


  1. I know this may be strange, but I remember as a child having a dream going up into a cloud shape ring similar to that picture. I want to say it was one on top of another. I remember corridors and stair cases once inside the cloud ring. Don't remember much more than that. It has always been in my memories of dream and i have never shared it until now. This was in the early 70s.


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