Gov Files

CLICK ON THE GOVERNMENT UFO DOCUMENT FILES YOU WISH TO VIEW.  All links are official government links. More will be added soon.

Newly released UFO Files from the UK government released in 2011.

US Government UFO investigation named Project Blue Book documents here.

New Zealand Government UFO Files.
New Zealand Defence Force files documenting New Zealand UAS reports over the last five decades. The Defence Force has made copies of the relevant files in Archives New Zealand’s custody, as well as its own more recent files. These copies are available from the Defence Force Library at Defence House in Wellington.  (111 files)  (13 files)

Declassified FBI Documents talk of Roswell UFO Crash and other sightings.
At the below FBI link, in the search box, type "UFO."

Canada Government UFO files.

United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs.

NSA (National Security Agency) releases some UFO files on-line in PDF form. These files are broken up into sections by the NSA. USA

The following document by the NSA is one that has the title "Key To Extraterrestrial Messages." Half the NSA does decoding, this document teaches how to understand alien transmissions from space.