Email Report: UFO Seen At Brooklyn Bridge During July 4, 2013 Fireworks Display Caught On Live Cam On 60 INCH TV!

Date of sighting: July 4, 2013
Time: 09:21:34-10:00:04 
Location of sighting: Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA

This is an amazing email report from a reader that captured a UFO close up on live cam. What I mean by close up is not just that it was close to the camera, but M.C. was watching the live cam on a 60 inch TV! Very cool and totally blew me away.  He found it again in the archives...so please often check the cam archives when searching for UFOs. This is an incredible discovery and more proof that UFOs are interested in our firework displays. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
Well me and my girl were watching live streams again trying to watch the fireworks over Brooklyn when the cam moved left and we spotted something that looks like a UFO. The thing sits there for 24 seconds with out even moving and looks like its less then 50 feet from the building. M.C.


  1. I tried to post this comment the other day but maybe you missed it. This is the DirecTV blimp, not a UFO. I have seen it many times over NYC. It has a large TV screen on the side.

    1. I will do a search for that and check it out, but I really think that the blimp would be grounded for the 4th of July due to all the firework displays...then again...maybe not. Thanks for your input.

    2. Don't really know, but it looks really to me, were not alone.nope.


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