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Invisible Man Or Prankster In New York, Google Earth Map, UFO Sighting News.

Ok maybe this guy isn't an alien, but can you prove it? Gota find him to do so, take blood tests, DNA tests. However I feel this may be one hell of an awesome prankster. This guy somehow keeps walking in front of the Google Map car and got his photo taken without hands, feet or head! That should be impossible. One person who commented on my video said green screen! But thats impossible to run around with a green screen in New York. Also how did he turn into a white bird.  Even I have to admit when the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor or the paranormal or alien presence. How did he do it? This is just not possible. Maybe he's an digital artist who is a hacker? Or maybe a magician? Or...maybe he's not even human. Whatever he is...I'm in awe!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


UFOs Form Triangle Over New Hartford, New York, July 25, 2021, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: July 25, 2021
Location of sighting: Hartford, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #117120

Watch this awesome video and you will see a fleet of glowing UFOs far in the distance with the moon behind them. The UFOs are not actually near the moon, however they are visible with the moon behind them. The UFOs are seen forming a triangle formation and the person recoding it seems to think its a code. Perhaps it is, but what does it say? It seems aliens are trying to tell us something...something that may change humanities future for the better. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 11 UFO ORBS MAKE PATTERN NEXT TO MOON. I had second thoughts about releasing this video but later decided the world needs to see it. Maqybe somebody can figure out what the sign means. This sighting was witnessed by 2.


Pink UFO Seen Over New York and New Jersey, March 3, 2021, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: March 3, 2021
Location of sighting: New York and New Jersey, USA

Dozens of eyewitnesses in New York and New Jersey are reporting seeing a pink-red glowing object over the area. It's actually a glowing UFO over the area. Twitter lit up with these tweets and some of them included the most amazing photos. The eyewitnesses said that the glowing object was seen before, during and after sunset. This is an alien ship and it's lit up on purpose to try to slowly get people use to seeing aliens, to make them accustomed to them, to feel less afraid of them. The movies portray aliens as the enemy, but aliens want to be seen as friends. 

NASA tried to tweet out that its not a UFO, but instead its the rocket exhaust from a recent launch. Thats typical of NASA to try to spread disinformation in hopes of confusing the public and creating doubt. NASA is an agency that was created to hide the alien evidence from the public. Doubt my words? What monumental discoveries were made from sending the last four NASA rovers to Mars? Yeah....none! That how they are, drop feed info to the public in order to control the publics curiosity of space. Check out the tweets below and decide for yourself. I know the truth, and I hope you do too. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Tictac over Owego, New York And Disk Near Power lines! Oct 12, 2013, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Oct 12, 2013
Location of sighting: Owego, New York, USA
Source: MUFON 

I was looking at an old report on MUFON and noticed that nobody saw the other UFO in the video. Since the other UFO was more clear, metallic and a disk, not to mention just about half a meter across and near the power lines...I thought I better mention it. Many small UFOs have been seen and recorded near power lines over the last decade of me reporting this is significant. I believe this UFO is a drone disk sent out from the tictac UFOs that the eyewitness saw. He actually saw two, but only had one tictac recorded. However he missed the most obvious thing...the metal disk 1/2 meter across near the telephone pole. The disk was both observing the person and recoding data going through the communication lines. 100% proof that the camera is quicker than the eye. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states:  On the 12th day of October 2013, at about 13:00hrs EST, I witnessed a disc like object flying from north east over the Village of Owego, New York. Object omitted no sound, there was no “trail” after it there was no visible wings of any kind. A short 22 second video taken on a camera phone was shot. The disc moved from South West to the North East over the western horizon. Shortly after another object same size and shape, no wings, no trail, no sound was observed flying from east (Binghamton, NY ) to the North West, however higher in the sky than the first object. Having observed thousands of flights going over this area in the last 30 years, I have never seen anything like this before.


White UFO Over Airport in South Plattsburgh, New York On Oct 11, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 11, 2020
Location of sighting: Plattsburgh, New York, USA

A couple noticed a bright white light in the sky and began recording. The light moves slightly as if its watching something below. Its definatly not a plane or helicopter, because there are no wings, tail or propellers. She said it was silent, as many glowing white orbs are...matching past reports. UFOs love visiting airports...if you remember the O'hare incident...the UFO was seen for over 15 minutes diverting planes before it shot up and away, and the China UFO was so big it closed the whole airport. Aliens are highly interested in human transportation technology. It can tell them how close we are to being able to leave this planet to make cities on other planets. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
This was staying still in the sky, blinking lights and no noise. Although this was near an airport it began its decent far from the runway and it went behind the trees and never came back up. Obviously planes cannot hover in place but there was no sound to determine a possible helicopter. Any thoughts? 


Plane Investigates UFOs Over Howard Beach, New York Oct 3, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 3, 2020
Location of sighting: Howard Beach, New York, USA

At first this looks like the big dipper star constellation, but then they slowly move and change positions. They move closer and closer to the eyewitnesses as if its the UFOs watching them. This is a common theme in many past UFO reports. The absolute proof of this being alien craft is that they were seen on radar and a plane was seen in the video investigating the UFOs at 1:30 into the video. You can tell the plane by its flashing aircraft lights as it slows down near the UFOs. This is serious proof that aliens exist and are watching us back. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
This happened around 10:15pm. UFOs???! We were hangin out in our backyard, checking out the Full Moon and Mars and surrounding Stars with the Sky View app when these showed up. The app wasn’t identifying these objects that seemed to be hovering in a sequence. There were about 5-6 of them where each one disappeared gradually.


Strange Craft Over New York, New York, Oct 4, 2020, UFO Sighting News. MUFON Report.

Date of sighting: Oct 4, 2020
Location of sighting: New York, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #111687

This new video has a triangle shaped UFO passing over New York yesterday. The UFO wasn't alone but had a whole fleet of craft following along with it. The objects were seen during sunset, which is the most common time of the day to see a UFO. These strange dark objects don't have any jets investigating them, so I believe that they did not show up on radar. Very odd indeed. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
I filmed a fleet of 10 to 12 ufo's flying over restricted air space of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Oct 4, 2020 at 6pm est. The one closest to me was chevron or cone shaped and was black while the others in the distance twinkled silver to the eye. I thought drones but anyone could drop bombs into Yankee Stadium via drones so no one is supposed to fly anywhere near it let alone 10 ufo's. They made no sound and my video is short because I didn't believe I captured anything nothing showed on my screen. Please tell me what this is and if anyone else reported it. Thanks.


MUFON: Glowing UFOs Over New York Mills, NY On Sept 24, 2020, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 24, 2020
Location of sighting: New York Mills, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #111576

Here is a new video that just came into MUFON a few minutes ago. A few eyewitnesses had gathered on the patio in the back yard when they saw some glowing lights in the distance. The glowing lights would move and changes positions but never fall. One person compares them to the Phoenix Lights UFO event. Another person compares to flares but dismisses it because they never fall or dim. There is a bit of lighting on the right side so there is a bit of a storm clouds overhead. Its very possible these UFOs actually are causing the lighting in the area. 
Scott C. Waring 


MUFON: Glowing Lights Over Utica, New York On Sept 17, 2020, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 17, 2020
Location of sighting: Utica, New York, USA

This just came in from New York, glowing lights above Utica that could be flares from a nearby military base practicing or they could be UFOs. However the UFOs are not moving and seem to be holding position in a formation I have never seen before.  Flares would have died and dropped, but this sits there...has to be UFOs. 

It is curious though that the countries of the world are under lock down and people are suppose to stay indoors. It makes me think that the world governments are trying to keep the public from looking up and noticing that UFO activity is increasing. 
Scott Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: The orbs began to spin then vanished 1 by 1 These are not flares they were in the sky over 8 mins & didn't move also no smoke was seen above them.

Glowing Orb Over Treetops In New Hartford, New York, Sept 19, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 19,2020
Location of sighting: New Hartford, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #111487

This video just came into MUFON today. A person caught sighting of a glowing ball of light moving over the treetops. The light has two small pink orbs stuck to it and makes a slight humming sound. The eyewitness stated that the object just disappeared suddenly. That most likely means the UFO cloaked itself. Very interesting video, but would love to see how it disappears. Sadly the video is very short. Proof that aliens are interested in New York. 
Scott C. Waring 


Fireball Breaks Into Three Over New York State, Aug 20, 2020, UFO Sighting News. MUFON Report.

Date of sighting: August 20, 2020
Location of sighting: Utica, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #111080

This bright bering fireball looks like a UFO caught on fire traveling into our atmosphere from space. The object...which is fall downward from the sky, is a single piece and then breaks into three equal parts. Its traveling at 1/10 the speed of a meteor so thats ruled out. Space junk would have been reported, but the Chinese do have a lot of stuff falling apart and burning up entering the atmosphere this year. But since NASA would have reported a warning about it...I would rule out that too. It looks like a UFO...damaged trying to make it back to its alien base to make repairs or it could be an alien ship trying to disguise as a meteor, but at 1/10 the speed...they failed. Aliens in New York...yep, kinda knew that already. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
I'm not sure if these were ufo crafts or fireballs. At first they were all together then split into 3 and all sizes were the same. Recorded on Aug 20 2020 in Utica NY. 


Black UFO Seen Over Lake In Syracuse, New York As Scream Heard, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 24, 2019
Location of sighting: Syracuse, New York, USA
Source: MUFON 

This dark UFO was recorded passing over the trees and over a lake in Syracuse yesterday. The UFO was seen during sunset and the video is a bit blurry and difficult to make out detail. I am a bit surprised that people today still use phones from 5 years ago or older. Even my son has an iPhone 7 which is 4 years old but takes better video than this. Also, must UFOs are seen during sunset. Odd, but true fact. 
Scott C. Waring 

Three white orbs in triangle formation over Rochester, New York, Dec 25, 2019, UFO Sighing News.

Date of sighting: Dec 25, 2019
Location of sighting: Rochester, New York, USA
Source: MUFON 

These orbs were recorded flying around the white clouds during the day over Rochester. The person was able to get a little bit of video using a phone, but there was no sound. These are defiantly controlled objects and they are also very similar to the white orb UFOs that news recorded over the area about 9 years ago. Absolutely amazing that they are back!
Scott C. Waring

Black UFO Recorded Over Power lines In Rome, New York Dec 24, 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Dec 24, 2019
Location of sighting: Rome, New York, USA

Here is a great UFO video that was reported to MUFON today. The black UFO is not a disk, but more of a flying cylinder. The UFO was seen for for a few minutes near a power line before the eyewitness pulled out a phone and recorded a bit. Absolutely 100% proof that aliens are interested in New York.
Scott C. Waring


Proof of aliens in New York state captured on video, Dec 6, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: December 6, 2018
Location of sighting: Utica, New York, USA
Source: MUFON 96854

This video was taken in New York state last week. The UFO is seen passing though the clouds and totally caught by accident. Moving so fast it looks like only a shadow, but this UFO compared to the size of the cloud is easily 15-30 meters across. Also the fact that this object passes behind the cloud rules out insects, birds, drones. 
Very cool catch, but with I had the full length video of the capture with sound. 
Scott C. Waring


Shape Shifting UFO Sighted Over New York ( November 16, 2018 ) Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 16, 2018
Location of sighting: New York, USA
Original video:

This is really strange. This metallic looking UFO floated over an heavily populated area of New York four days ago. The object was very high in the sky and hard to observe, possibly spinning making it appear to be shapeshifting. The fact that its spinning makes it clear that its not a balloon which would float and drift with the wind without spinning so fast. UFOs often do spin a different speeds, so this seems to be a legit sighting. Even John Lennon witnessed a UFO in New York while standing on his patio of his penthouse apartment back in Aug 23, 1974. Just because its a populated area doesn't mean a UFO wont visit that area. UFOs visit all areas of the planet. This looks real to me. I have to say its similar to a UFO tracked by the US military on infrared camera last year. Amazing video. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
After the 1st snow in Long Island New York, the skies were not that clear but enough sunshine for some footage. The time of sighting 3:09 p.m. in Valley Stream New York. Was not able to get a great image but a decent footage since they move a bit fast along with its shape shifting abilities.


Two Arm UFO Seen Over Cedarhurst, New York On Aug 29, 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Aug 29, 2018
Location of sighting: Cedarhurst, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #94490

Here is a unique sighting from New York. A craft that has several long thick arms floated over the city. The eyewitness caught only several seconds of footage before it moved past them, but it was enough to get some good screenshots. I added light to one photo (above only) and left the originals below. We can see in the screenshots that the object has an unrecognizable shape and design. Its like nothing I have ever seen before. I do love when a UFO is reported with a shape that I have never seen really challenges the imagination. If seeing is believing, then this is it. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
It was very odd looking, moving very smoothly. At first I thought it was a helicopter carrying something, I had to stop and get a closer look. It was almost floating.


Updated: Sphere UFO Found On Google Earth Map, March 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 7, 2018
Location of sighting: East Lake George, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #90613 

Here is a UFO orb found on Google Earth today. The eyewitness found it at Lake George, New York. Many past UFO reports describe round sphere UFOs and it does seem to be the most common shape of UFOs around the world. 

Also know, all of the UFOs that I have reported on this site found on Google Earth have been deleted, so count on this one being up for only a few months before Google finds it. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
I found pictures of this UFO on Google Earth street view. East side of Lake George by the radio tower near Shelvin rock


Alien Prank In New York City Startles People In Surprise Locations, Dec 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

This funny video of aliens startling people is made to celebrate the coming of an all new ten episode series of the fabulous TV series THE X-FILES.

The episode really makes you think. How would you react to an actual alien when you meet it for the first time, and how and where would that encounter take place? Well, a few aliens that look like us do intermingle with us, some to profit, some to help humanity advance in technology, but they look like us, so we would never notice them. However in this video, we get the chance to see what a surprise meeting might be like, in a moment when you least expect it. It funny, but the peoples reactions are real, simulating a real life scenario. 
Scott C. Waring


Purple lights in sky follow eyewitness home over Long Island, New York, Nov 15, 2017, photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 15, 2017
Location of sighting:  Long Island, New York, USA
Source: MUFON #88111

Do I believe the eyewitness? Yes of course. Do I believe its a UFO? It is an unidentified flying object. I could be a craft of some sort, or it could be the rarest of the energy being. Such beings are said to not take much notice of humans, so if this is one such alien being, then they are truly lucky. 

I see no light beam, no laser beam that would indicate this is being made from the ground. I have a laser that is ultraviolet (purple) and its beam is visible...there is no beam here. Its coming from the sky. I did however find four white objects shooting past the purple light, possibly more energy beings, or small UFOs (circled in red).
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
I was walking with a companion from my home in Long Island City on 24th Street (another light, remaining stationary over that location, had changed color from purple to red - in response to a specific request from me, at Stephen Greer's online direction - last May 2017) along Northern Boulevard (Route 25A East) when a similar purple light was seen hovering above a supermarket strip plaza on the south side; immediately upon making eye contact, it began to follow us - have wondered if the same light HAD been present since we left but, no way of knowing for sure - and continued to until arriving at Home Depot where it, for lack of a better description, WAITED for us at least a half-hour until we came out, also exhibiting the same behavior when exiting a Popeye's and Food Bazaar on the way back, where ANOTHER of them then seemed to JOIN the one that had first appeared to me there - or it may have been somehow split, as the attached photo suggests, continuing to follow us to my residence and the same general location as on previous occasions.....(NOTE: numerous other photos taken in course of experience; available upon request - as couldn't be all submitted through this interface)