Glowing UFO Follows Space Station For 6 Min On Live Cam, UFO Sighting Daily News.

Are those lines going from right to left the laser communicator DARPA said they were using to talk to the ISS?

Date of sighting: February 6, 2014
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at space station
Source: NASA Live Internet Cam

Guys I recorded this one myself and I had a WTF expression on my face the whole time. Here's what I noticed. The cameras suddenly changed...from a black night side of ISS to a partly lit camera (10 sec into video). Then the ISS cam seems to see it and focuses on this object for about 6 minutes until they suddenly change cameras back to the dark side...so we could not see the UFO anymore. The UFO was most  visible when the light hit at a certain moment and made everything clear, but because of its distance it's still hard to make out its shape. The UFO seemed to flash at times, with a change in its color...much like descriptions of UFO seen around the world. 
Notice it has a dark tail which tells us its direction its moving.

There is one more thing that most people will over look. There are many screen glitches where the video is lost...but I believe this is just the aliens communicating with or trying to with the ISS. UFO have been known to cause electrical disturbances and even battery drains when they are in the area, but this does look like a code. SCW

Please view video in HD settings and full screen for best view. 

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  1. I saw something glowing orange over SE Baltimore 30 -40 minutes ago...I see planes going into bwi all the time but this made me run inside and check the news...


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